Los Angeles, CA- Hit and run accidents have plagued the city of Los Angeles which a fatal traffic accident involving a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle clearly demonstrated

The incident occurred in Fontana at San Bernardino and Etiwanda Avenues around 2:15 a.m. CBS Los Angeles reported that a tractor-trailer driver ran a stop light and struck a two vehicle traveling westbound on San Bernardino.

The driver of one of the vehicles was pronounced dead on the scene and two others were injured, CBS reported.

But the truck driver didn’t stop and continued traveling north until deciding to abandon his rig and attempt to flee on foot.

Police attempted to use K-9 and locate the driver, but were unsuccessful. He was later apprehended at his home. His name has not been released and police did not say why the driver failed to stop at the red light.

In this particular accident, police were able to locate the negligent driver, but there are many accidents in which an at-fault driver is never found. The driver in this accident was located because he abandoned his rig near the accident scene.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that fatal hit and run accidents have consistently increased year over year. In 2009 there were 1,274 fatal hit and runs which increased to 1,449 in 2011.

The 13.7 percent increase in fatal hit-and-runs has come at a time when fatal accidents in general are on the decline. Sixty percent of these accidents involve the death of a pedestrian.

So what makes a driver flee the scene of an accident in spite of the fact that it can lead to severe consequences? Peter Kissinger, president of AAA believes intoxication is the motivating factor for fleeing the scene of an accident. He told USA Today that drivers are aware that are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and cause injury or death to another they are facing serious consequences. Fleeing gives them more time to sober up and reduce their chances of being charged with a DUI.

For truck drivers, a DUI means they can lose their commercial driver’s license.

We don’t have enough information on this particular accident to determine if the driver was intoxicated. But there are plenty of truck accidents where the driver is known to be intoxicated. In these incidents a Los Angeles truck accident attorney can help the injury victims and those who have lost a loved one seek compensation.

A truck accident lawyer has the skills necessary to thoroughly investigate the cause of an accident and realizes the impact the accident can have on the victim’s and their loved one’s lives. They won’t allow you to be shortchanged by an insurer or negligent driver. Your Los Angles truck accident attorney will advocate for your rights and aggressively fight to ensure you get a settlement that is just and completely covers your medical care, emotional distress and lost wages.