Long Island Truck Accident Lawyers Explain How One Woman’s BMW SUV Ended Up Under the Back of a Fuel Truck

The driver of a BMW was involved in an accident with a fuel truck in Long Island, NY after she allegedly lost control of her vehicle. The 48-year-old woman who has not yet been identified, was heading northbound on Nicolls Road when she struck the rear of a petroleum truck in front of Suffolk County Community College. Newsday reported that the 911 call was made around 9:37 a.m. and officials initially thought the woman had hit a propane tanker, but they confirmed it was a fuel truck. After crashing into truck, the front of the BMW became wedged underneath it.

Emergency Service Section officers along with Seldon Fire Department firefighters all arrived on scene and worked to extricate the woman out of her vehicle. She was then transported to Stony Brook University Hospital and was said to have suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The news source did share a photo on their site and it is safe to say this woman is lucky she was able to walk away only suffering minor injuries. In the photo you can see that the front of the SUV was nearly crushed, the driver’s side sustaining some pretty severe damage.

The truck collision did result in Nicolls Road being closed for a brief period of time between Horseblock Road and West Road.

Although officials haven’t yet reported what caused the driver of the BMW to lose control over her SUV, below we share a few tips for you if you ever find yourself in this compromising situation.


What should I do if I lose control over my vehicle?


  1. Avoid going into panic mode. As difficult as it might be, you need to be focused and not freeze up. Boyd Autobody & Glass says rather than freeze or over-compensate, remain as calm as you possibly can.
  2. Remember to keep your hands on the wheel. One of the first reactions some people have when they lose control over their vehicle is to let go. You aren’t going to want to do this as you will need your hands on the wheel to try and regain control over the vehicle at some point.
  3. Keep your eyes open. Not only do you need to see where you are going but if you are able to regain control over your vehicle, you will need to see how to steer out of harm’s way.
  4. Shift into neutral. “When the vehicle is in drive, there is power going to the wheels, even if you aren’t accelerating. By shifting into neutral, you are eliminating the power to the wheels.”
  5. Steer into the skid. In the event your vehicle is hydroplaning on water or it is skidding on gravel, you want to try and “steer into the skid.” That means you want to “steer in the direction that the back of your vehicle is trying to go.” Boyd Autobody & Glass says this is the best way to regain control of a vehicle
  6. Begin to slow down. Try and slow down your vehicle while attempting to straighten it out.

    iStock 625784552 300x190 Long Island Truck Accident Lawyers Explain How One Woman’s BMW SUV Ended Up Under the Back of a Fuel Truck
    If you lose control over your vehicle, consider implementing these tips and research some others so that you can increase your chances of avoiding an accident.
  7. Get away from the danger zone before stopping. Once you regain control over your vehicle, continue driving until you get away from the “danger zone” as other vehicles might encounter the same issue you did. If you need to pull over to regain composure or to check your vehicle for damage, do so away from where you lost control of your car or truck.


And if you are ever involved in a truck collision that was caused because you or the other driver lost control of your vehicle, remember to contact a truck accident lawyer in Long Island, NYand let them assist you with getting you the compensation you deserve from your insurer and the at-fault driver if need be.

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