Logging Truck Accident in Washington State Leaves Four with Injuries

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A chain-reaction collision between a log truck and four passenger vehicles north of Seattle resulted in four injuries and forced the closure of both sides of U.S. 2.

Seattle, WA- The timber industry is an important part of the Washington state economy, providing 15 percent of manufacturing jobs and accounting for 1.5 percent of employment statewide, according to the Washington State Loggers Association. Consequently, logging trucks are a critical component of the timber industry, so they are a common sight on the highways and streets, in and around Seattle. Log trucks are also involved in numerous traffic accidents the state.

Two Injured in Seattle-Area Logging Truck Accident

The Washington State Patrol reports that five vehicles, including a logging truck, were involved in a chain-reaction collision that injured four people and closed U.S. 2 near the Highway 9 interchange near Snohomish.

According to the Herald, the accident occurred on Monday, January 8, 2017, around 11:00 a.m. Four of the vehicles ended up on each side of the road, with one pickup truck landing on the roof.

Broken logs and other debris scattered the roadway, forcing authorities to shut down both sides of U.S. 2 for several hours.

Overall, four people were injured. One of the victims had to be flown to a nearby hospital.

Police are still investigating the crash, so the cause has not been determined but a spokesperson told the Herald that they suspect one of the passenger vehicles may have crossed the center line and struck the logging truck.

What Makes Logging Truck Accidents Different?

Logging truck accidents often involve factors that differ from other commercial vehicle crashes. In many cases, logging trucks don’t travel from state to state, so the drivers don’t have to adhere to federal safety standards and CDL requirements.

Some logging companies prefer to put their drivers on the road at night when there is less traffic, but the risk of fatigued driving is high. Log trucks are also at a greater risk of being in an accident because they operate on rural highways.

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One of the most significant risks associated with log trucks is improperly secured loads. Failing to load logs correctly or secure them can cause timber to fall off and hit another car or create a hazard for other motorists. When cargo is imbalanced, a truck can overturn or jackknife.

Other frequents causes of logging truck accidents include:

Traffic violations such as speeding, inattention, and failing to obey traffic signs

Reckless driving including driving under the influence

Lack of driver training

Alcohol or drug use

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