A crash between a log truck and a commercial van has left one dead and another injured. The accident occurred around 1 pm at Tanner at the intersection between Huntsville-Browns Ferry Road and US 31.

According to reports, a van for Overnight Parts Alliance in Irondale was travelling east on the Huntsville-Browns Ferry Road when it was hit by a log truck driven by John Lawson Oden, 68. Oden was driving for Bobby Collins Logging of Eve.

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The log truck was travelling south and struck the driver’s side of the van at the intersection to US 31. The log truck flipped over and spilled many logs on to the highway. This seems like an issue that the fantastic Huntsville, AL truck accident lawyers who work at http://www.securelawpc.com/ will have to deal with.

The driver of the van, Clyde Paul Crawford, 68, from Lacey Spring, was declared dead at the scene by the coroner for Limestone County.

Oden had to be extricated from the truck before being flown to hospital for treatment. He is said to be in critical condition.

Ran a red light – not good!

According to an eye witness, the driver of the log truck ran a red light. While there are no records of an accident involving trucks belonging to bobby Collins Logging, police continue to investigate the accident. Police and the district attorney’s office said that they will collect the evidence and present it before a grand jury to decide whether charges should be pressed against Oden. He will need a Huntsville, AL truck accident attorney regardless.

One witness, the owner of Hampton’s Four Paws, situated close to the intersection said she saw a yellow truck going past the window. Then she heard a boom and saw logs flying along with the truck. She and her niece ran out of the back door because they were not sure where the logs would land.

Police diverted traffic for a few hours until investigators could map the accident scene. Soon after the accident, police were unclear about whether the truck was speeding or not. They said they had to way of determining the speed of the truck at that point. Emergency responders left the scene of the accident only at around 8 pm that evening.

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When a family member is injured or dies in an accident involving a truck you need to retain the services of an experienced Huntsville, Alabama, truck accident lawyer. This is because fixing liability in the case of a truck accident is often more complicated. For instance, in this accident involving the truck and the van, there are multiple parties involved.

The van driver, the company for which he drove the van, the owner of the van, the truck driver, the company for which he was driving the truck, and the owner of the truck. Unlike private vehicles, trucks can be owned by one person or entity, operated by another, and driven by an employee, or the operator of the truck.

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