Facing serious injuries is often one of the negative consequences of getting into a truck accident. Medical treatment can be very costly and not many individuals are able to afford all the procedures required to get them back to good health again. This is why many doctors and medical care providers give individuals a medical lien. This means that they can get treated immediately but must pay once they receive their compensation from their truck accident settlement.

Even though a person can get treated right away it is still better to have one’s case proceed as quickly as possible to make sure that a person receives appropriate settlement for all their other losses such as property damage and loss of wages. A truck accident lawyer in Live Oak, Florida can manage the legal paperwork in order to ensure that a person’s case goes smoothly and there are no unnecessary delays in receiving the settlement.

How does a medical lien work?

When a hospital places a medical lien it basically means that the person will get immediate treatment for their injuries, but the hospital will file a notice with the county stating that there is a lien on the person’s recovery. When a person receives their settlement, they first must pay back their medical bills before going forward and paying for the other damages. The details of the lien depend on both a person’s state and county. A legal professional can help a person navigate through the legalities and let them know any time limits they have and help them understand their rights.

It is very important that a person handles their medical lien responsibly or they can be held responsible by the law and they may not be eligible for a lien in the future.

If a person is insured however, or they carry an HMO then their provider is responsible for the medical treatment and the hospital generally can not file a lien against a person. The insurer will be responsible for taking care of the medical bills themselves.

Can I challenge the medical lien?

A person can request their lawyer to check if the lien placed against them is actually valid according to the timing they filed it and according to how much medical insurance a person already has. A person can also challenge the hospital if they are charging too much for their procedures. With an attorney by one’s side a person will be able to ensure they are only paying as much as they must for the medical treatment they receive after their truck accident.

Often, a person is faced with life-threatening injuries after colliding with a truck on the road. In such cases, it does not make sense to postpone medical treatment and a person will need doctors and surgeons to operate on them immediately. Even if a person does not have the money on the spot or medical insurance, they may get a medical lien and can pay it back after they receive their settlement from the court.