Roads that are damaged and have defects in them can create a dangerous situation for large trucks and lead them to get into serious accidents. Some roads are more notorious than others for truck accidents because they have many sharp turns, are very narrow, or because they do not have medians. One of the most notorious roads in Nebraska for truckers to get into an accident is the I-80.

If a person gets into a truck accident because of a defect in the road it is possible that their truck accident attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska can investigate the defect and determine whether a governing body or road maintenance company can be held responsible for the accident. Distributing fault and liability in a truck accident case can be very tricky because of the many different parties involved. However, if a person has the right legal assistance by their side the investigation process can become a whole lot easier.

What are some common regulations truck drivers are required to follow?

When a truck accident goes under investigation, the first thing to be examined in detail is going to be whether the truck driver and the trucking company had been following all of the regulations put forward by the FMSCA or not. If it is found that they had been violating the rules then they will be penalized more easily and they will have to shoulder more of the fault for the accident.

If someone was hit by a truck driver and it is discovered that the trucker had not been following all of the rules laid out for them then this is good news in terms of getting compensated. The victims of the accident will most likely be entitled to receive their compensation in full without having to put up too much of a fight in such scenarios.

Some of the rules which the truck driver will be investigated for include:

  • Medical exams (DOT medical examinations determine the physical fitness of a driver to be driving)
  • Hours of service limits (truck drivers are not allowed to exceed a certain number of hours in which they drive consecutively)
  • Truck maintenance (truck drivers are required to keep their vehicles properly maintained at regular intervals)
  • Drug testing (It is required for trucking companies to test their employees for drug use and addiction before hiring them)

A legal professional can run an investigation on all of the above factors in order to collect the required evidence to prove that the truck driver or the trucking company was actually at fault for the accident which took place. Anyone who has gotten hit by a truck should not waste time before calling an attorney to begin the investigation process. Even if the truck driver is innocent, external parties such as road maintenance companies may be held liable due to a failure on their behalf to fulfill their responsibilities.