Speed is a factor in one-fourth of fatal truck accidents.

San Francisco, CA- When it comes to car and truck accidents, speed is a leading culprit accounting for a nearly one-fourth of commercial truck accidents are the result of speeding, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. That is one reason federal agencies are once again pushing to limit the how fast commercial trucks and buses are allowed to operate on the nation’s highways.

In a rule proposal last Friday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is pushing for truck and bus manufacturers to include devices that limit the top speed a vehicle can travel to 68 mph, according to the Chicago Tribune. The proposal would not require trucks manufactured in 1990 and earlier to have speed limiters because retrofitting the vehicles would be too costly, but under the rule proposal newer trucks would

The agency says that making speed limiters mandatory on commercial trucks could save 1,115 lives each year, the Tribune reports. There will be a 30-day comment period before the rule is adopted, so it’s unclear if speed limiters will be mandatory in the future.

If you are injured by a speeding truck, you are entitled to compensation.

Limiting the speed of commercial semis, tankers, and other large trucks would also prevent tire blowouts which cause a large a number of commercial truck crashes. Last year, the NHTSA found that truck tires were not built to withstand maximum sustained speeds of 75 mph and that most accidents resulting from a tire blowout were attributed to speed.

Truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists sometimes fail to recognize or choose to ignore the dangers of speeding. Both are sometimes overconfident but the faster a motorist is going, the easier it is for them to lose control of their vehicles and hit another. In a commercial truck, speed can make an accident more likely if a vehicle is experiencing an underlying mechanical issue. A speeding truck is more likely jackknife or overturns if a driver has to brake suddenly.

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A truck driver who is speeding can lose control and jackknife or overturn.

A truck driver who is speeding can lose control and jackknife or overturn.