Los Angeles, CA- Over the past decade, the number of commercial trucks operating on the nation’s roads have increased by 20 percent. With more trucks on the road, the chances of a truck accident occurring also increases but these accidents are significantly different than car accidents. One of the primary differences is who may be liable for a truck accident.

When it comes to truck accidents, there may be more parties involved that just the driver such as a trucking company or a company that leases a truck. Other liable parties can include a truck or part manufacturer, repair shop or the party that loaded a truck.

A trucking company may be liable if they failed to maintain their vehicle, and mechanical or equipment failure led to a crash. A manufacturer can be liable if defective part was involved, or a repair shop can be partly liable if they didn’t make the necessary repairs or bungled the repair. If an accident was caused by a shifting load or objects coming from a truck, the company or person who loaded it could also be liable.

In many cases, liability for a truck accident doesn’t boil down to just one person; a combination of negligent actions may be the ultimate cause. Say for instance, a truck driver is speeding on the highway when he needs to brake suddenly because traffic has stopped. That driver, however, cannot stop in time because the brakes on their truck need to be repaired and they slam into a passenger vehicle. Even though the driver was speeding, they may have been able to prevent colliding with another vehicle if the brakes had been working properly. That means both the driver and trucking company acted negligently and are both accountable for a victim’s accident.

Determining liability is the cornerstone of a successful personal injury case, and you can count on our team of truck accident lawyers in California to work hard to discover the cause of your collision. Their goal is to assure you and your loved ones are justly compensated for your accident.

Once you enlist legal help they will begin investigating your accident to figure out the cause and who might have had a role in it. By pinpointing each party that may have played a role, your attorney can increase the final settlement amount you receive.

Insurance companies and attorneys representing the at-fault parties will work very hard to limit their liability. Defendants will fight very hard to keep their accident payout low and may push off all the responsibility onto the driver. That’s just the nature of truck accident cases, but it is bad news for you. And one of the many reasons you need a legal expert to protect your interests.

If you were injured in a truck accident in California, USAttorneys can connect you with a truck accident lawyer near you to assist you with your case. We have an excellent team of truck accident lawyers in California who are passionate and devoted to victims.