There were as many as 161,000 trucks registered in Kentucky as of 2013, and the number continued to slightly increase every year and will even more so when the Trump economy takes off which it already has but will certainly do so when some of those atrocious anti-business regulations are eliminated with a stroke of a pen.

Moreover, according to the FMSCA or the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration, a majority of accidents involving large commercial vehicles occur during the week which is not too surprising since that is when more of them are on the roads.

This truck took a beating but it still could have been this driver’s fault. Either way, if you are involved in a truck accident you need legal help. Get on to make this happen. With this site, Christmas can happen year round for you. You have rights, speak to a lawyer today if you can.

Personal injury issues in commercial truck accidents

For the most part, commercial truck accidents are different from car accidents or other auto accidents. For one, the accidents tend to be far more horrific and we are dealing with a professional driver here, not someone driving a few miles to buy some groceries for the family or to take their child to a soccer tournament. Therefore, it poses special challenges in terms of how the litigation progresses and how the outcome of the settlement or trial will turn out.

Car, motorcycle, and other traffic accidents are governed by normal state traffic laws. However, commercial truck accidents are subject to a separate set of laws with each state having its own set of trucking laws. Therefore, this makes it necessary to ensure that you have a competent lawyer who is well versed and qualified with trucking laws in your state.

Most personal injury lawyers are, many of them are accident legal counselors as well and know how to deal with insurance companies who will try to undercut your case by offering some money that will pay for some bills but not all the bills you are going to have to deal with and it none of it will be punitive at all. How about the lost time at work? How about the pain and suffering which may last for months, if not years?

Truck accidents are horrific. You do not have to watch a movie or read a book to figure that out. If a loved one of yours died because of a truck accident you will have to do what they cannot do for themselves, hire a lawyer and sue!

Furthermore, trucking operations are subjected to federal laws drafted and put into effect by the FMSCA. It is the duty of the trucking company, truck driver, etc. to ensure that they abide by both state and federal laws that are applicable throughout the country, according to legal scholars who work in the truck accident domain.

Let us look at some of the factors that come into play in a personal injury claim or settlement resulting from a commercial truck accident.

To begin with, it is important to note that in 2013, alcohol was a major contributing factor in 110 accidents that involved trucks. There were as many as 6 fatalities. In the same year, the use of illegal drugs contributed to 42 truck accidents of which two were fatal.

It is hard to believe people would drive while on drugs but also drive a truck! That is willful disrespect towards other people in society.

Potential liable parties and the consequences of failing to list them

For the most part, in a car accident the defendant is usually just the alleged negligent driver and his or her auto insurers. However, in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, there are several parties that can be held liable, depending on the circumstances. Some of the potential defendants in include but is not limited to:

  • the truck driver
  • the trucking company
  • the truck insurer
  • the truck lessor
  • the truck manufacturer and so on

If you are a victim of a truck accident, it is imperative to provide your legal counselor with all details in order to determine who can be held liable in your lawsuit. Remember that failing to list all defendants will result in you receiving only partial damages. Even if you are able to prove your case, you will only receive a fraction of the damages that you deserve.

Do not lose hope and go into despair. You need to get on and find yourself that legal help. It exists! It is not hiding either. This is not an Easter egg hunt, that site and with our help if you want to contact us, is all you will need to find yourself a suitable legal representative.

Out of court settlement

A truck accident case can take a long time and therefore many people find an out of court settlement to be more appealing.

However, accident insurance adjustors may offer a fraction of what you actually deserve which has been mentioned. To be in a position to negotiate effectively with truck accident insurance adjustors, you will need a Kentucky truck accident lawyer. This hard charging legal pro will estimate how much your case is worth and will help deal with the insurance adjustors and everyone else involved in this truck accident case.