Driver fatigue is a common cause of semi accidents.

Denver, CO-Tractor-trailer accidents have numerous of causes, of course, but, by far, negligence on behalf of a passenger vehicle motorist is the most common, but many other things can cause a devastating truck crash like driver error. Here our team of truck accident lawyers in Denver, Colorado will discuss three of the leading causes of commercial truck accidents.

One of the main causes of truck accidents int the U.S. is speeding.  In the 2003 Fatal Causation Study, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that speed was a factor in one in four fatal truck accidents. That is because at high speeds, a tanker or semi, which can weigh up to 80,000 lbs., will strike something with a great amount of force. At high speeds, it also takes a long distance for a truck to stop in case of emergency.

Another common cause of commercial truck accidents is fatigued driving. Truck drivers spend long hours on the road and work all hours of the day, so it’s no surprise fatigued driving accidents are common in the trucking industry. In the Large Truck Crash Causation Study, the FMCSA found that fatigued truck drivers cause approximately 13 percent of fatal truck accidents.

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Tired truck drivers should road and get rest until they are safe to drive again. One thing that makes fatigued driving so dangerous is that drivers often don’t realize they are unfit to drive until it’s too late.

Mechanical issues are another common cause of tractor-trailer accidents and something seemingly minor like a blown tire, or failing brakes can create a deadly crash on the road. The Fatal Causation Study of 2003 found that 55 percent of trucks involved in fatal or injurious collisions had at least one mechanical issue. Even worse, at least 30 percent of commercial trucks involved in an accident had at least one mechanical problem that would require that truck to be taken out of service.

Sometimes a truck driver or a trucking company fails to get an inspection or make a repair in a timely fashion, and all it takes is a worn tire or failing brakes to cause an accident that changes the course of a person’s life. Federal regulations require commercial trucks to be in safe working order. Violators can be fined or put out of service for not taking care of their vehicles especially if they are involved in a deadly collision.

Speeding and mechanical failure are also common contributing factors in commercial truck accidents.

Speeding and mechanical failure are also common contributing factors in commercial truck accidents.

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