Earlier last week, a three vehicle accident that occurred in the proximity of Lake Whitney Dam has resulted in the death of a senior man from Waco. According to Hillsboro Reporter, the deceased has been identified as 86-year old Charles Milton McDonald. He was reportedly an attorney and been practicing law for most of his life.

Not sure what happened – an old timer was driving

According to eye witness reports, McDonald was driving his car and was travelling in a westerly direction on Highway 22 when he suddenly lost control of the vehicle and swerved into the eastbound lanes of the highway. He collided with a GMC truck driven by a female driver identified as Casey Carranza of Itasca. The first collision then sent McDonald’s vehicle sliding across where it struck a Toyota Pickup Truck being driven by a male driver identified as Jack Kettler from Clifton.

Emergency Medical Technicians were dispatched to the scene as soon as they received distress calls. However, upon arrival they officially pronounced McDonald dead and there is nothing any Waco, TX truck accident lawyer can do about that. But for the family or anyone else that is involved in a truck accident or has been a victim of negligent driving, USAttorneys.com should be on your things to do. In fact, it should be on the top of the list. There are some golden attorneys listed on this site.

Other people that were driving on Highway 22 on Thursday and witnessed the crash said that they noticed McDonald’s car swaying around and not maintaining lanes for a considerable duration before it actually collided with the GMC.

According to accident investigators, McDonald may have been affected by some medical condition and may have become unconscious at the wheel. The male driver from Clifton, Jack Kettler, was rushed via air ambulance to a White Hillcrest Medical Center. He was said to have been brought in a stable condition and was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Huntsville firefighter responds to emergency call, is shocked to find victims are own wife and son

On Saturday afternoon in Huntsville, Texas, Aaron Van Riper was among the fire fighters that received an emergency call about a head-on collision and were dispatched as a response to assist the victims.

For Aaron, the Assistant Chief at the Thomas Lake Fire Department, this call was going to be nothing like the hundreds of others he had received during the course of his career. He reached the accident site and was shocked to find that among the victims of the crash were his own wife and son, as reported by CBS News.

According to investigators, they are not sure exactly what triggered the accident but they do know that the car occupied by Van Riper’s wife and 7-year old son had collided with pick-up truck head on.

Both his wife and son were transported to hospital by an air ambulance helicopter. They sustained moderate to serious injuries including multiple fractures. None of the injuries was life threatening and they are expected to make a slow and sure recovery.

Texas trucking laws

According to Texas truck accident attorneys there is an abundance of legislation surrounding truck accidents and trucking company policies and regulations in Texas. These laws are mostly surrounding issues of fatiguedoverworked drivers, incompetent (medically) drivers, impaired drivers, negligent hiring of under qualified drivers by trucking companies, manufacturing defects and maintenance of trucks and rigs.

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