A pedestrian had to be hospitalized in serious condition after being hit by a semi truck in the Las Vegas area

Semi truck runs over pedestrian outside of Las Vegas

The incident happened around 11 am in the southeast valley in the city of Henderson, Nevada. Police and fire departments both received a dispatch to respond to the area of Boulder Highway and Lake Mead Parkway eastbound. The initial investigation showed that a pedestrian was walking in the center median of the road on Lake Mead. At some point, this individual walked onto the parkway road surface and into the path of a large semi truck that was going eastbound on Lake Mead. 

Police believe that the truck driver was not speeding, and no one involved appeared to be impaired by drugs or alcohol. They also do not know whether the pedestrian intentionally tried to get hit by a vehicle or not. A full investigation was planned to uncover more details.  

The city of Henderson borders Las Vegas to the southeast. 

Personal injury lawsuits and an injury attorney’s practice

Many kinds of accidents, especially motor vehicle accidents, make up most of a personal injury lawyer’s caseload. While there can be intentional actions that result in harm to others with associated civil lawsuits, the majority of car crashes and related cases are actually filed under the state’s negligence statute. Negligence is a broad area of the civil law that represents a large segment of cases that are tried or settled due to one party making a mistake that injures another.

Nevada has negligence laws that are slightly different from most other states. It uses a modified form of contributory negligence, which is meant to account for situations where a victim may be partially at fault for their own injuries. For situations where a plaintiff is assigned a certain amount of negligence, they can still collect money from the defendant as long as their level of fault is less than the defendant’s. In these situations where a plaintiff is still able to collect, but somewhat responsible for the accident, their damage award is reduced relative to their level of fault. 

Some accidents, especially those involving several vehicles, have complex negligence inquiries. In these situations, it can be important to speak with an experienced local lawyer.

Calculating damages

Negligence also involves various ways of calculating the plaintiff’s losses. In most situations, this is related to medical bills and treatment, property damage, and missed time from work or a diminished ability to work due to serious injuries. In severe accidents, there may be other types of damages available to either compensate the victim for emotional pain or punish the defendant for extreme behavior.  

Get help from a legal professional

You can speak with a Las Vegas truck accident attorney about your injuries and the possibility of filing a lawsuit. To learn more, contact:

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