The Las Vegas Metro Police responded to a situation where a pickup truck crashed into a house in the western part of the city. 

Stolen pickup truck crashes into the side of a home

When emergency crews arrived, they found the truck in the side of a home near Torrey Pines Drive and Washington Ave. Video of the scene showed that part of the wall had collapsed, and an opening was left from the impact. Witnesses reported that two men who were inside of the truck ran off on foot and went into an apartment complex nearby. One of the suspects was eventually found and taken into custody, while the other remained at large at the time of the news report. 

Law enforcement also believes that the vehicle may have been stolen, and they are investigating further. The vehicle was reported stolen earlier in the day, but police decided not to chase the driver through the neighborhood for safety reasons. 

It appears that no one either in the home or out on the street seems to have been hurt during the entire incident. The house was occupied by a family when the collision happened, but none of them required medical treatment. 

Truck accidents that result in both civil lawsuits and criminal charges

In a situation like this it is important to remember that the outcome of any criminal cases or charges related to the vehicle theft will be treated separately from a civil lawsuit for damages meant to compensate the victim. The civil personal injury case is the only way for the property owner to get money to repair their house, pay for medical treatment for injuries, and other losses such as missed time from work. A violation of a criminal law or traffic regulation may only be used as evidence of negligence in the corresponding civil case. 

When truck drivers cause property damage

After a truck accident, the person or business at fault will have to pay out damages to the victims affected by their negligence. This can include the costs of property repairs in many cases. The value of these lawsuits will usually come from the sum of all of these losses that can be attributed by the careless driver. There may also be punitive damages ordered by a judge in situations like the criminal case above, which are meant to punish a defendant for reckless behavior that is clearly wrong and dangerous. 

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