Highway collisions can involve high speeds which create the potential for serious damage, fires, and the loss of life. 

The Nevada Highway Patrol responded to a central Las Vegas truck accident where three people and a dog were killed in a fire.

Highway accident and blaze kills three people 

The incident happened on a Thursday morning at a ramp that connects the northbound lanes of Interstate Highway 15 and U.S. Highway 95. There was a Ford Pickup truck that was towing an off-road vehicle when a 2001 Volvo sedan cut across multiple traffic lanes and hit the trailer of the truck. Police believe that the Volvo may have gone through a blocked off section of the highway in the moments before the accident.

The impact of the crash caused both vehicles to fall over the east side wall of the highway. The car came to a rest under the truck and an electrical pole was caught in the pile of vehicles. The fire started while the vehicles were stuck together. 

A third vehicle collided with the trailer and off road vehicle, but that driver was not harmed. Witnesses in the area helped the driver of the truck and his young daughter out of the cab and away from the fire. Two adults, a dog, and a child appeared to have died in the sedan due to the impact and the fire. 

Nevada Highway Patrol officers partially closed I-15 as they investigated. Their preliminary findings showed that the driver of the sedan was probably speeding and driving recklessly immediately before the crash. Rescue crews worked in the area to turn off the power to the electrical pole and forcefully separate the two vehicles. 

The company that owned the off-road vehicle released a statement that they would not be competing in any upcoming races due to these events.

Truck drivers who are injured while working

Because truck drivers have to stay on the roads for extended periods of time, it is certainly possible that they can be involved in an accident while hauling equipment or materials. The people injured in the accident may sue the business that owns the truck, and investigate to determine if the business was negligent by not following any regulations related to commercial vehicles and transportation. The employee of the company may also have remedies available to be paid for things like lost wages through workers compensation. 

Some lawyers routinely deal with suing trucking companies, and they can provide more information about how this process works in civil court. 

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