In almost every truck accident case, serious injuries and large amounts of property damage are inevitable. Since trucks are so large and are often carrying very heavy-and expensive- cargo, getting into a collision with one can greatly decrease the quality of a person’s life almost immediately.

Though it may seem like it will be easy to make a truck accident claim against the driver, the reality is quite different. Truck accidents are a lot more legally complex than regular accidents as so many more individuals are involved. In many cases, the truck driver does not own the truck but is just renting it out and on top of that, they may not even be employees, and may just be working as contractors with a trucking company.

Their employment and ownership status will greatly influence the legal process and it will help narrow down who can be held liable for the damage. The trucking company is almost always one of the first to be brought into the legal battle along with the truck driver since they have so many responsibilities to carry through.

When preparing for a truck accident case, the best option for a person is to call a truck accident lawyer in Lafayette, Louisiana. A truck accident lawyer will start by listening to all the details of the case. They will then instruct a person on what actions they should carry through with to greatly increase their chances of winning enough compensation to cover all their damages.

What should be my first steps at the scene of a truck accident?

The first step after a serious truck accident should be for a person to immediately call authorities so that both the ambulance and police officers can arrive at the scene of the collision as soon as possible. Treating injuries and taking care of all injured individuals should be the first course of action taken after getting hit by a truck.

It is important to note that moving someone may make their injuries worse, so if the situation is safe enough, injured individuals should be left where they are until medical professionals arrive at the scene. Any serious accident that involved injuries, death, or resulted in significant property damage should be reported as soon as possible in Louisiana because if it is not, then a person can be legally penalized with fines and up to 60 days in prison.

Once everyone is safe and the authorities have been called, it is vital to get in touch with a legal representative such as an attorney who specializes in truck accident cases.

This step is important because they can advise a person based on their specific case and they can communicate with the insurer on behalf of the individual to make sure a fair settlement is given. Getting in touch with a lawyer right away is also important because they can tell a person what evidence should be preserved immediately so that it does not lose value with the passage of time.




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