If a driver was involved in a car accident in Lake City, FL, and is looking for a way to get their medical expenses covered, a car accident lawyer is a professional who may be able to help them do this. After a car accident, an individual may be required to undergo surgery, attend therapy, and even visit a chiropractor for treatment, all of which come at a price. Although auto insurance (e.g. personal injury protection (PIP) coverage) is expected to cover medical expenses related to an accident, not always can a car accident victim depend on an insurer to provide them with the compensation they are due.


Insurance Companies are Businesses, and Therefore They Behave Like Business


The one thing most businesses have in common is that they are all looking to make a profit. Insurance companies are looking to attain the same thing—they want to make a profit off of their policyholders. If an insurance company is always paying out the maximum amount of compensation a car crash victim is entitled to, this can cut into their profits. Therefore, many insurance companies will often try and provide claimants with an amount they believe to be fair but may not be the amount they are actually entitled to.

With that said, a Lake City, FL car accident attorney can assist an accident victim with recovering the full amount they are due from the insurance company. Sometimes, this might mean they will need to negotiate with the adjuster which can delay the processing of the claim but could potentially lead to a victim walking away with more money that could help them afford the medical care/medical equipment they need.

In addition to helping an accident victim recover compensation for medical expenses from the insurance company, a lawyer may also be able to help them file a personal injury lawsuit against the other drivers who were involved in the crash.


Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit After a Car Accident in Lake City, Florida


When another driver is responsible or partially liable for causing a collision in Lake City and a victim is unable to recover enough compensation from their insurer to cover their medical care, they may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver. A personal injury lawsuit would allow a victim to request that they be awarded compensation for the impact the incident has had on their life along with money for past and future medical expenses.

The process of filing a personal injury lawsuit is much different than filing a claim with an insurer, and therefore, a driver should retain a Lake City, FL car accident attorney to help them. If an individual is looking to learn more about how they can recover the compensation they need to cover their medical care, they can contact Koberlein Law Offices to speak with a legal expert.


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