Truck AccidentSt. Louis, MO- Two separate tractor-trailer accidents in Missouri, occurring over the course of a week, left two men dead and injured two others.

On March 4th in O’Fallon a 53-year-old man driving a Jeep was killed after he was struck by a tractor-trailer. Police say the man was traveling in the westbound lanes of I-44 when he lost control of his vehicle and ran cable separating the roadway. After sliding along the cables, the Jeep driver went through a break in the cable median and ended up in the eastbound lanes where he was struck by a tractor-trailer, KPLR reported.

The Jeep driver was pronounced dead on the scene.

The impact of the crash caused the truck to overturn. Two passengers inside the truck suffered minor injuries.

Then, earlier this week on March 9th, a beloved school teacher was killed on U.S. 65 in Sedalia when he was struck.

Police say Steven Gooch was in front of a tractor-trailer in the right hand lanes when the truck driver moved into the left-hand lane because he thought he was experiencing a mechanical problem. According to KMBC, the truck driver said when he pulled into the left lane, he saw Gooch’s car pass by his driver’s side door.

Police said Gooch was pushed into oncoming traffic where he was struck by a pickup truck.

Gooch was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Both these accidents show the deadly consequences of truck accidents. While the truck drivers in these two accidents don’t appear to have been negligent, there are thousands of commercial truck accidents that are caused by a truck driver or a trucking company. Inattention, speed, fatigue, or mechanical problems can cause serious harm to other motorists. If carelessness is the cause of truck accident, victims can seek compensation for their injuries, untimely loss and mental anguish.

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