It was around 4:30 a.m. Friday morning when a motorist “forced one semi into another, spilling its load across the roadway” [Source:]. The truck accident occurred in Woodford County, KY on I-64 near mile marker 60, and as a result of the crash, the highway was “littered with freezer pops.” The car that hit the semi allegedly swerved, which resulted in the rig veering off the roadway and into another semi that had been parked on the shoulder. The semi that was parked on the shoulder had the side of its trailer ripped off which is what caused the popsicles to fly out and disperse on the roadway.

The names of the truck drivers along with the operator of the vehicle have not yet been released and it is unknown as to whether officials will press charges against the motorist who swerved its vehicle in the direction of the semi.


Thankfully, no one sustained any injuries in this accident, however, it could have been much worse considering there wasn’t just one, but two semi-trucks involved in this collision. And as you know, commercial truck collisions often end with someone dying or suffering a serious injury.


Truck Overturns on Kentucky Highway Leaving Pigs Wandering on Interstate


Last year, a truck accident occurred on a highway in Kentucky with a truck that was transporting 150 pigs on its way to a Swift plant in Louisville. Authorities said that speed was not a factor in the accident, however, because the truck’s load shifted, it caused the vehicle to overturn. According to UPI, some of the pigs were killed upon impact while others were seen wandering along the interstate. Swift plant officials quickly arrived at the scene and euthanized some of the injured pigs and loaded the remaining ones onto another truck to be transferred to the plant.

The trucker did sustain some minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital following the accident.


Raw Poultry Spills across Natcher Parkway in KY After Truck Overturns


Prior to that accident, another occurred last year that left pounds of raw chicken spewed across Natcher Parkway in Kentucky [Source:]. The truck allegedly overturned after the driver swerved out of the way to avoid hitting a construction vehicle which caused him to drive into the median. No injuries we reported at the time of the collision and the spill caused the roadway to close both directions of the highway.


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As you can see, truck collisions occur for a number of different reasons, and thankfully while the “cargo” in the above-mentioned accidents was thrown across the highway, no individuals suffered any life-threatening injuries.


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