A semi-truck accident occurred Tuesday evening around 6:00 p.m. in Daviess County, Kentucky that left behind a rather unusual mess for workers to clean up. While most accidents result in debris needing to be removed from the roadway, this accident created an “unintentional” piece of art. Well, at least that is what Wavy News called it when it reported on the incident.

Apparently, the tractor-trailer that was carrying a load of molten aluminum while traveling on US 231 North crashed. As a result, the truck rolled over and that is when the molten aluminum began pouring out of it and onto the highway. Highway personnel stated that the temperature of the aluminum was between 300-500 degrees [Source: wjts.com]. The aluminum eventually solidified and look something like an art sculpture.


Thankfully, the trucker walked away from the accident with just a few scratches.


However, as a result of the accident, and the spill, the William Natcher Bridge was shut down and so were all four lanes of US Highway 231 North. After working for nearly two hours on the scene, “crews were able to open one of the northbound lanes from Kentucky into Indiana on the bridge. They did have to keep the southbound lane blocked because an eight-foot by eight-foot section of pavement was damaged by the molten metal that had spilled on it. As a result, traffic had to be detoured to the Blue Bridge at Owensboro or to the Bob Cummings/Lincoln Trail Bridge at Hawesville, according to the source.

Kentucky highway officials stated that while repairs are being made to the southbound side of US 231, traffic will be diverted to the right-hand side of the accident site.  This traffic plan might be in effect for an extended period of time which means you can expect some traffic build-ups on this route.


Here are a few other unusual truck spills that have occurred in the past.

  1. In August 2015, a trucker became distracted by his “canine driving companion” and lost control of the Bud Light truck he was driving. As a result, beer cans were strewn across the highway.
  2. In 2011, an Edy’s Ice Cream truck crashed, spilling containers of ice-cream on the highway. Thankfully, the temperatures were rather cool outside and some of the ice cream was able to be saved and transferred on to another truck.
  3. A truck carrying about 48,000 pounds of bottled wine clipped a van and crashed, spilling the bottles it was transporting.
  4. In 2004, an armored truck spilled over $2 million in coins onto the roadway.

[Source: Mental Floss].


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