A Wisconsin truck driver has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide for causing a fatal accident in Elmo City, MN yet the judge handling the case still permitted the man to continue driving while out on bail. According to Twin Cities, 28-year-old Samuel Hicks was looking down at his cell phone for approximately eight seconds before running into the back of a vehicle stopped at a red light at Lake Elmo Avenue. That vehicle, a Toyota Scion, belonged to 58-year-old Robert Bursik. According to the source, Hicks was traveling at 63 mph while looking down at his cell phone before crashing into the vehicle that was left “unrecognizable.”

While you would assume that he would be stripped of all his driving privileges, Judge John Hoffman said that it would be “unreasonable to restrict Hicks from driving if his driver’s license is valid.” The representing MN accident lawyer for the surviving family of Bursik said that while it might bring upon a hardship for Hicks, what about the hardship the family is facing after losing someone they love? He reiterated that Hicks had just killed someone on the highway and implied that it would be outlandish for him to continue receiving driving privileges given the circumstances.

He also mentioned in court that Hicks had no regard for anyone else as he was more concerned with his phone than those he was sharing the roadway with. He stated that Hicks “made no effort to brake as he approached Bursik’s stopped car.” Perhaps once he is formally charged, he will lose all driving privileges and face the consequences for the crime he has committed.

The source pointed out that Hicks works for a trucking company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, owns a home in Independence, and currently has custody of his two young children that are ages three and four. The defense attorney representing Hicks mentioned that while he has “steady employment” with the trucking company, he won’t be working as a semi-truck driver, rather he will be working in the warehouse.

Robert Bursik was a resident of Amery and worked as a biology instructor at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park. He was also the owner and founder of Dragonfly Gardens, which is a nursery and greenhouse with locations in Amery and Turtle Lake. He left behind a wife and three children.


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