Bergen, NJ- An accident with a large commercial truck can leave a victim with serious or fatal injuries and turn their lives upside down. In the aftermath of a truck accident a victims, understandably, has many questions and concerns, which is why our team of truck accident lawyers in New Jersey would like to share a few of the questions they are often asked.

What rights do I have in New Jersey?

As truck or car accident victim in New Jersey, you are entitled to seek compensation for your economic damages which include your medical bills, funeral and burial expenses and property repair. If you plan on filing a car accident or truck accident suit, you must file your injury or wrongful death claim within in New Jersey’s two-year statute of limitations.

What types of compensation can I ask for?

If you are in a commercial truck accident, you can seek compensation for your medical costs, rehabilitation costs, property repair or replacement costs and damages for your emotional distress. If  loved one is killed, their surviving family members may be entitled to medical and funeral expenses when along with compensation for their emotional distress and loss of financial support and loss of companionship. If a New Jersey truck accident victim is left permanently disable or is maimed, they can seek compensation for long-term care medical expenses and living expenses.

If can take some of the blame, am I still eligible for compensation?

Most accidents are not the fault of just one person; they are often caused by negligence on behalf of involved both parties. New Jersey has a shared fault statute for such cases which allows truck accident victims to pursue compensation even when they are partly to blame. If shared fault is at play, each party will be assigned a percentage of the responsibility. If you were, for instance, deemed 15 percent liable for an accident, any settlement amount you receive would be reduced by that amount. If you are deemed 50 percent of more responsible for a truck crash, you are not eligible for any compensation.

Do I need a New Jersey truck accident attorney?

Accident victims and truck drivers ask this question a lot. Truthfully, if your accident was minor, you may not need legal help. However, if your injuries are severe, USAtorneys recommends you at the very least speak with an attorney for their assistance with your truck accident claim. Our team of truck accident lawyers in New Jersey will look at all the facts of your case and determine what types of compensation you deserve for your injuries.

You don’t have to go head to head with an insurer, a trucking company and truck driver alone, you can count on our team of truck accident lawyers in New Jersey to stand up for you and recover the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to for injuries.

If you are a truck driver, USAttorneys recommends you contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in New Jersey to determine your correct course of action.