When a person is involved in a truck crash, there is a strong chance they went into the accident already suffering some sort of health condition or injury. Herniated discs, soft tissue injuries, and heart conditions are only some to name a few. Unfortunately, because most truck accidents involve a vehicle that ranges anywhere from 20,000 to 80,000 pounds, it is likely the health condition a victim suffered from prior to the crash worsened post-accident.


A medical illness or injury a person had prior to an accident is considered a pre-existing condition.


If you were involved in a truck accident in Jacksonville, FL that caused the injury or health condition you suffered from before the truck collision to worsen, then you may be wondering how this might affect your chances of recovering compensation from the liable party or their insurer.


What effect will my pre-existing condition have on my accident claim?


When a truck accident victim files a claim with the insurance company, be it theirs or the other party’s, and there is adequate coverage, they should be able to recover the compensation they need to cover the medical bills that are associated with the injuries they suffered. In some cases, the insurer may pay, but in most, the insurer will look to reduce the value of your claim simply because your condition is considered pre-existing.

For example, let’s say prior to the truck accident your physician informed you that you herniated a disc in your lower back. Although your injury wasn’t severe enough to undergo surgery, it did cause you to experience a significant amount of pain and tingling at the injury site. While you were once able to get through your day despite the chronic pain you felt before engaging in the crash, now, after the accident, you find that the pain has become intolerable and you may now even need surgery. Not only has your injury caused you to miss days at work, but it has also cost you a significant amount of money in doctor’s visits.


So, why would an insurer not want to pay when it is evident an accident has caused a pre-existing condition to worsen?


Insurance companies are always looking for ways to save money on a claim, especially those that involve a pre-existing condition. The way some might see it, you were already receiving medical care for your injury before you engaged in the accident so why should they start paying for it now? But the reality is, you are likely incurring more bills and may even have to go through an invasive medical procedure you otherwise would not have to have performed had the driver not caused the accident.


So, what happens if the insurer tries to undervalue my claim because I am seeking payment for medical care for a pre-existing condition that has worsened after a collision?


You should speak with your adjuster to see if he/she is willing to re-evaluate your claim using doctor’s notes or other evidence that indicates you now need to receive additional medical care for your pre-existing conditioned that has worsened. If the insurer isn’t willing to work with you, you can always contact USAttorneys.com. We can help you find a Jacksonville, FL truck accident attorney in your area who can explain what the best course of action would be to take to get you the money you need.