Jackson, MS, How to Determine Whose Fault the Truck Accident Was

Vehicles that transport commercial goods are categorically referred to as trucks. Whether it’s an 18-wheeler or a local delivery truck, there are certain laws and regulations the truck driver must follow to ensure they remain on the right side of the law. There are very specific laws that truck owners need to adhere to so the roads can remain as safe as possible. When the rules are broken, and negligence occurs, fault can be attributed to the guilty party.

However, unlike regular car accidents, there are a lot more parties to screen through before liability can be established. A truck accident attorney is a right professional to turn to for a detailed analysis and investigation to be conducted. They will screen through the truck company, truck driver records, truck manufacturing records, cargo loading records, and any other party that may have contributed to the collision.

The party who gets at fault, in the end, depends on where the negligence took place. If more than one person was negligent then they will all be held to account. The amount of compensation the victim receives depends on the severity of their damages, and the guilty parties will be responsible for compensating them. However, before a person gets their due settlement, they will have to file a truck accident claim and prove negligence and damages.

Since trucks weigh around 400 tons, they can do significant damage to smaller passenger vehicles. This means that the victim will have a lot of new bills to cover, provided they survived the accident. All victims should fight for the justice they deserve and get in touch with an attorney to file a truck accident claim without delay.

What Steps Should be Taken After a Truck Accident in Jackson, MS?

There are certain steps that all victims of a truck accident should follow to improve their chances of winning their case. Firstly, they need to look out for their health and safety, and the health and safety of those around them. This means they should contact the ambulance, and the police, and make sure they stay where it is safest for them.

Once they are safe and their urgent injuries have been attended to, they should connect with an attorney for a quick briefing on how to communicate with those around them. They will be required to give their contact information. However, they should refrain from excessive speech as this can lead them to say something that is misunderstood. While still at the scene of the collision, individuals should try to take photos of the scene of the accident and preserve any evidence they can find.

Anyone who was involved in a truck accident should seek legal help. Get in touch with a truck accident attorney at the Heilman Law Group, PA today to get assistance with one’s case.

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