A jackknifed tractor-trailer snarled the early morning commute on I-95 in West Palm Beach Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

West Palm Beach, FL- A Tuesday crash involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer turned the morning commute into a nightmare on I-95 in West Palm Beach as crews worked to clean up a fuel spill. It took several hours for the scene to be cleared, allowing traffic to begin moving again.

Jackknifed Tractor-Trailer Spills Over Hundred Gallons of Diesel Fuel

Morning commuters in West Palm Beach met with a major traffic back-up on I-95 early Tuesday after a tractor-trailer collided with a bridge near Okeechobee Boulevard. The crash, which occurred around 8 a.m. in the southbound lanes, caused the tractor-trailer to jackknife and blocked three lanes of the busy interstate.

After the truck crashed, it was hit by a passenger car. The woman driving the car told WPTV that she was trying to avoid going underneath the truck, so she hit the truck’s gas tank and cab, causing it to spill between 100 and 150 gallons of diesel fuel on the highway.

Only one lane was open for motorists on that side of the interstate.

The West Palm Beach Post Reports that the fuel spilled about 70 yards along the freeway. A clean-up crew arrived on the scene around 9 a.m. to get the fuel and truck off the highway.

The Palm Beach Post reports that no one was injured, and traffic began to flow normally around 11 a.m.

Driver error is the primary cause of a jackknife accident.

What Causes a Tractor-Trailer to Jackknife?

The tractor-trailer in the West Palm Beach collision jackknifed because the truck driver struck a bridge. That’s just one of the many things that can cause a tractor-trailer to jackknife. We’ll discuss some other causes of jackknife truck wrecks below.

Jackknifing occurs when the brakes on a semi-truck, tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler lock up, causing the trailer to swing left or right and form an angle. A jackknifed tractor-trailer can block the lanes of travel and create a dangerous situation for a truck driver and other motorists. If a truck driver is speeding, there is a risk their vehicle will overturn if they go into a jackknife.

Below are some the common reasons a commercial truck jackknifes:

Traveling at high speeds

Slippery road conditions

Colliding with another vehicle or a fixed object

Braking suddenly

Inclement weather and other motorists can cause a commercial truck to jackknife, but driver negligence causes most of these types of truck accidents.

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