The Iowa State Patrol responded to the scene of a truck crash in the town of Pleasant Hill, Iowa to find that one man had died.

Semi truck hits a turning vehicle and the driver dies

The incident began when a woman was driving eastbound on Highway 163 and attempting to make a left turn onto Northeast 70th St. They believe that her car turned in front of a semi trailer driven by the victim for an unknown reason. The two vehicles collided, and the passenger side of the car was severely damaged. Both vehicles came to rest at a ditch near the roadway. 

Rescue crews arrived to find that the semi truck and trailer was turned over onto the driver’s side. A passenger in the semi truck was a 59 year old woman who was treated for minor injuries and released after a brief hospital stay. The man who was driving was killed from the impact. The driver of the car also had to be taken to nearby  Methodist Hospital by a Life Flight airlift. There was no update available on the status of her condition or specifics of her injuries.  

The victim was identified as a 63 year old man from Oskaloosa. The road and area nearby was closed for approximately six hours while police investigated the accident. Videos and pictures of the aftermath showed cranes attempting to remove the damaged vehicles from the ditch at the roadside. 

Fatal accidents and truck drivers

After any kind of deadly accident, it is recommended that the victim’s family files a wrongful death lawsuit. This is the type of civil case that will force the person or business responsible to pay the family for a number of different expenses. These may include medical treatment, funeral services, burial of the deceased person, medical and hospital costs, and non-economic damages for the family’s emotional pain and suffering. This is not a criminal case and it does not affect whether the state will file criminal charges or not, or whether the person will ultimately be convicted if there is a related criminal case. 

A trucking company is often sued if one of their drivers makes a mistake on the road and cases injuries to others. In addition to wrongful death cases, there are civil negligence lawsuits that can be filed by the victim if they survive the accident. Damages for things like medical treatment and property damage are available, and the person may also receive lost wages and other forms of compensation related to their recovery.

Learn more about a lawsuit against another driver

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