www.TruckAccidentAttorneysNow.org - Idaho-Fatal-AccidentCedar Rapids, IA- Inclement weather can turn any road into a collision course and set the stage for a disastrous accident. It’s up to motorists and truck drivers do whatever they can to prevent an accident, but we know that too often people are careless and don’t think about how their actions will affect others. A lawsuit filed by the victims of a 2012 Iowa accident accuses three truck drivers of reckless driving and leading to the death of pregnant woman.

The lawsuit, filed by the fiancé of the woman who was killed, alleges that three truck drivers were driving too fast for road conditions, according to KIMT. The accident took place in December of 2012 on Interstate 35, while the state of Iowa was under a blizzard watch, and ultimately involved 15 vehicles.

The suit alleges that two truck drivers were traveling too fast for conditions and lost control of their tractor-trailers, causing both vehicles to jackknife and block the lanes of travel. That’s when Shelia Blood and her fiancé happened upon the scene and were in the process of trying to get their children to safety when a third tractor trailer stuck the disable vehicle.

Shelia Blood was struck by the third tractor-trailer, pinning her between the first two tractor-trailers. Another woman, Colby Duckett was also killed.

The lawsuit states that police concluded all three tractor-trailers were traveling too fast for road conditions. According to the complaint, the three drivers were traveling 30 mph to 60 mph prior to the collision, KIMT reported.

The lawsuit is seeking damages from the three truck drivers and their trucking companies.

Rain and fog can lead to decreased visibility. Snow and ice make for slick roadways which in turn can make it impossible for a truck driver to stop their vehicle. Speeding is dangerous under the best conditions, and under the worst conditions it can be deadly. When it comes to responsibility, a driver whose speed is the direct cause of an accident can expect to be held accountable.

Truck drivers do not have control over the weather, but they do have control over their actions in poor weather conditions. It is especially important that truckers and motorists take steps to prevent an accident in adverse weather conditions. Not doing so is negligent and bad road conditions won’t excuse a driver of responsibility if they cause a deadly or injurious accident. All drivers must be vigilant in inclement weather and consider the safety of others otherwise they will find themselves facing off with an Iowa truck accident attorney,

Accidents involving semis, tankers and other large trucks are less common than car accidents, but typically result in more fatalities and serious injuries. Truck accidents also tend to be more costly because of types of injuries they cause. If a truck is directly caused by a truck driver or trucking company, the victims should speak with the Cedar Rapids truck accident attorney to discuss their case and figure out their best route for recouping the cost they incur because of their accident.