A faulty vehicle or any crucial parts can become a very real problem if a driver suddenly loses control because of something that does not work as intended. When driving a large machine on a road at high speeds, just a second of malfunctioning equipment is all that it takes to cause an accident.  

A news report for the Iowa City area told of a dump truck operator who was killed during an accident in nearby Iowa County.

Dump truck loses a tire and slides into a ditch

Local police received a call about an incident at about 3:30 pm in the area. They responded to the vicinity of the 3100 block of D Avenue in the rural section of Deep River. When the Iowa County Sheriff’s Department responded, they found the 79 year old male truck operator dead as they arrived on the scene. 

On the road nearby, they found a 2016 Western Star Dump Truck that fell into a ditch. The vehicle was owned by The Wayne David Trucking Company of Sigourney. According to the police report, they believe that the truck driver lost control at some point on D avenue and went off of the east side of the road into a ditch. Police believe that the truck was fully loaded at this time and struck a field drive, breaking it apart into multiple pieces. 

Police were still investigating when the report was published, but they believe that one of the front tires blew out while the driver was driving forward, causing him to lose control. The driver was not wearing a seatbelt during the fatal incident. 

Iowa County is located just west of the Iowa City limits.

Faulty vehicles and parts that cause accidents

A company that does not properly maintain a vehicle or creates manufactured goods that are faulty can be held liable in a civil lawsuit. Two areas of civil tort law cover these kinds of accidents. They are personal injury and products liability cases. 

A manufacturer is actually responsible for anything that they inject into the stream of commerce which causes injury or death to users. There are some requirements, but as long as the product was being used for its intended purpose when it failed and caused injuries, the business that produced the item for sale will be strictly liable. Keep in mind that in strict liability cases there is little to no defense as long as all of the other elements of the cause of action are met. Most attorneys who handle personal injury claims also handle these kinds of accidents. 

Talk to a civil attorney in Iowa City

Local lawyers can assist you with bringing a case against anyone who is responsible for your injuries. To learn more, contact: 

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