Tractor-trailer transports skidderSalado, TX- Speed, fatigue, and mechanical failure account for the majority of truck accidents, but one lesser known cause is overweight, over-sized or improperly loaded cargo. Investigators for the Texas Department of Public Safety suspected that the bridge collapse in Salado, which left one man dead, was caused by the over-sized cargo in tractor-trailer, and now a preliminary report confirms the original suspicions.

According to the DPS report, which was released on April 21st, the cargo on the truck that caused the beams to collapse was too tall for the bridge which had a clearance of 14 feet and 1 inch. Investigators have not yet determined how tall the cargo the tractor-trailer was carrying actually was, and whether or not the driver or his trucking company obtained the proper permits to transport an over-sized load.  That means that either the truck driver didn’t notice the clearance signs or was unaware of how much clearance he needed. Either way, it is clear that someone was negligent and will likely face civil suits.

On March 26th, a tractor-trailer passed under bridge on I-35 that was under construction when he slammed into the bridge, causing several beams to fall onto other vehicles traveling in the northbound lanes. Those other vehicles including a couple of tractor-trailers, one of which jackknifed, and two pickup trucks.

A 32-year old man traveling in one of those pickup was killed on the scene; three other motorists suffered non-life threatening injuries.

A similar accident occurred in February in New Jersey and left one person dead. According to reports, a tractor-trailer carrying parts for a large crane passed under a bridge, toppling the large metal pieces onto a van carrying two men.

As this accident demonstrates, hauling and oversized or overweight cargo can be hazardous sometimes leading to a fatal accident. An oversized and overweight truck can be difficult to control and in many cases these trucks are too large to operate on the road without an escort. Texas is one among many states that require oversized trucks to get a permit before hitting the road. Truck drivers are supposed to take approved routes if they are carrying oversized loads but they don’t always bother to contact authorities to get this important information.

If a truck accident occurs because a truck driver or truck company ignores safety regulations, a Salado truck accident attorney will hold the responsible parties accountable for any pain and injuries resulting from their carelessness. There is no excuse for cutting corners and putting others at risk and when drivers or companies operate without safety foremost in their mind may soon face a personal injury or wrongful death suit.

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