Atlantic City, NJ- Investigators are trying to determine what caused the fatal rear-end accident involving two tractor-trailers which tied up traffic on the busy bridge causing a nearly nine-mile long back-up.

The accident occurred Thursday just after 2 a.m. on the upper deck of the bridge on the New Jersey side when a tractor-trailer carrying appliances rear-ended a second tractor-trailer. The impact of the crash crumple the cab of 59 year-old Joao Daponta’s tractor-trailer killing him instantly.

The driver of the struck tractor-trailer only suffered minor injuries. According to North Jersey online, a spokesman for the company that owns the truck said their driver saw the other Daponta’s truck approach his rear at high rate of speed.

The trucking company also said their driver slowed as traffic came to a stop due to construction.

As part of their investigation, the Port Authority is examining the driver’s log books to determine how many hours he spent on the road and whether fatigue played a role in the early morning accident. North Jersey online noted the accident occurred just past toll booths Daponta would have passed through.

Tracy Morgan’s truck accident last week, which killed one of his comedy writers and left him critically injured, has shined the spotlight on the issue of fatigued driving in the trucking industry.

Fatigue is just one of the many causes of dangerous or deadly truck accidents. There are other risky behaviors that all motorists, whether they are in command of a large commercial truck or passenger vehicle, engage in when they are behind the wheel. Speed has always been a major cause, but distracted driving and inattention are becoming a bigger problem.

Any motorist can make a mistake and cause an accident, but truck accidents can be extremely destructive to person and property. What would normally be a minor accident can quickly become a tragedy when an accident involves a tractor-trailer

A thorough investigation conducted by a truck accident attorney will be able to pinpoint who was responsible for your injuries. In many cases more than one party plays a role and each one is responsible for covering their victims’ medical costs, loss of wages and the suffering they have endured.

Cause always matters in a truck accident so if you are a victim and would like to seek compensation for your injuries you need to contact an Atlantic City accident attorney as soon as you are able. If an attorney believes you are entitled to compensation they will begin building a strong case on your behalf to ensure you are awarded a generous settlement for the harm you’ve suffered due to a negligent driver.

In the aftermath of truck accident, you may be confused and unsure of what you need to do for yourself or a loved one. The wisest thing to do is speak with a New Jersey truck accident attorney who will evaluate your case and assure you aren’t shortchange in any resulting settlements.