Pretty Woman Truck Driver On Cell PhoneCleveland, OH- In a recent study, the National Safety Council, found that cell phones now contribute to a third of fatal traffic accidents in the U.S.  Other studies have found that distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunken driving. In spite of the known dangers, motorists, allow themselves to be distracted with deadly consequences.

Investigators in Ohio say the truck driver who caused a January accident that took the life of a Cincinnati man was texting just moments before the crash, reported. Now, the truck driver, 33-year-old Christopher Thornhill, is facing a total of 12 counts, including one for vehicular manslaughter, falsifying his truck log books and texting while driving, among others, according to

According to reports, Thornhill was traveling on I-71 near Cincinnati on January 29 when he struck a disabled car on the side of the road. That sent his rig out of control, careening across the center median of the interstate and into oncoming traffic.

In the southbound lanes, Thornhill’s semi collided with two oncoming vehicles. The driver of one of the vehicles, a 45-year-old Kentucky man was pronounced dead on the scene, and two of his passengers suffered life-threatening injuries. Another motorist, a 65-year-old Ohio woman suffered critical injuries and was flown to a nearby hospital.

During the course of their investigation, police learned that Thornhill sent several text messages just moments before crash. reports that the he attempted to delete those messages, but police were able to recover them.

Thornhill was charged and arrested earlier this week on a $3 million bond, according to

Using a cell phone to text is illegal for motorists of all ages in Ohio and it especially egregious behavior if the distracted driver is in command of a sizable and weighty commercial truck. A truck driver who causes an accident while texting is in violation of state and federal regulations and face serious consequences. They are also liable for any injuries or deaths they cause because they were distracted. There is no reason why a person should risk theirs or another person’s life just send or read a text message. It’s inexcusable and these dangerous drivers should pay for the harm they cause.

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