Truck AccidentRedding, CA- The California Highway Patrol concluded their investigation into a 2014 collision between a FedEx tractor-trailer and bus that killed 10 people, finding that the truck driver was at fault and no environmental factors played a role.

The accident occurred in April of 2014 in Orland, which is approximately 60 miles south of Redding, along Interstate 5 when a FedEx truck slammed head-on with a bus carrying 48 passengers, mostly teens. Upon impact, the bus burst into flames and passengers scrambled to get out. In addition the 10 deaths, 39 people were injured.

In the immediate investigation, authorities found that the driver of the FedEx truck, Tim Evans did not use his brakes before colliding with bus.

CHP announced in a press conference that they has concluded their investigation and found that the accident was caused by an “unsafe turning motion” and that no environmental factors contributed to the accident. However, investigators were not able to determine why the truck driver turned the wheel, stating that the collision was due to one of three factor” sleepiness, fatigue, or a medical event. The exact reason why the truck driver veered into oncoming traffic is not known, though considering the road conditions—it was sunny and the accident occurred on a straight stretch of the interstate—investigators said that there is strong evidence to suggest this was a fatigue-related accident.

According to Trucking Info, one witness told authorities that they saw the FedEx driver slumped over towards the window. Both the truck driver and bus driver were tested to see if they had drugs in their systems. They both had a safe driving record.

“Our investigators carefully analyzed every aspect of this collision and concluded that environmental factors, roadway conditions and vehicle maintenance were not the cause,” said CHP Northern Division Chief Ruben Leal said in May 22 press conference, News 10 reported.  

There was some speculation that a mechanical problem with the FedEx truck was the reason for the collision, but the CHP investigation rules that out as a cause.

In the wake of the accident, several lawsuits were filed against FedEx and the bus company.

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