Jacksonville, FL- In a recent trucking safety blitz, following too closely was one of the five most commonly cited traffic violation among truck drivers. It’s a common behavior for all motorists whether they are driving a car or semi and it also happens to be very dangerous. That is clearly illustrated by recent tractor-trailer accident that killed four people on the Buckman Bridge.

This week, the Jacksonville Police Department released the results of their investigation into the March accident, pinpointing the blame for the March 2 accident on the tractor-trailer driver.

On that fateful day, the wife and three children of a Navy Petty Officer were traveling over the Buckman Bridge when they were rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. Their Nissan Murano immediately burst in flames, killing all four occupants, News 4 Jax reports.

FHP says the family’s car slowed for traffic, but the truck driver was unable to stop and dragged the vehicle 300 feet down the bridge, causing it to burst into flames.

There were no drugs and no alcohol in the driver’s system, the TV station reported, but that isn’t surprising given that a small percentage–4 percent or less—of fatal truck accidents involved impaired truck drivers. Fatigue, distraction and inattention are seen more often in major truck collisions than intoxication, but those actions are equally as negligent.

Collisions like this one can have any variety of causes. Although the FHP didn’t say why the driver failed to notice traffic had slowed before him, they did note he was driving carelessly and was negligent, according to the News 4 Jax. That rules out faulty brakes in this particular situation, so that points to driver error, meaning he will incur most of the liability.

If faulty brakes were to blame for a tragic accident then the party that owns a truck, be it a driver or trucking company, would be responsible for compensating the victims for their medical expenses and emotional distress. By identifying each liable party, an accident victims can maximize the final settlement they and their loved ones receive.

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