A four vehicle pile-up on US Interstate 880 in Oakland has led to the death of one woman who was involved, as reported by sfgate.com. According to CHP (California Highway Patrol) the fiery vehicle crash took place in the morning near High Street. It all began when a Hyundai Sonata driven by 47 year old Gerardo Cuevasmoran stalled in the slower lanes of Interstate 880.

Since the car stalled all of a sudden, a trailing driver, 38 year old Anousone Sithideth, slammed on the brakes and swerved into the faster lanes of Interstate 880 to avoid hitting the Sonata. The red Honda finally came to a stop but danger was far from averted and this is why there are outstanding Oakland, CA truck accident attorneys and perhaps the best one can be reached right here.

A sight to see

A Subaru Foster was too late to brake and collided into the Honda at high speeds. The impact caused a fire and both cars suddenly were engulfed in flames. Police reports indicate that the Forester was driven by 52 year old Fai Tang. To top it all, 42 year old Cody Eberle then hit the fireball with his 2005 GMC truck.

Sithideth did not survive the crash, responding emergency medical technicians observed her vitals and pronounced her dead on the scene. California Highway Patrol immediately shut off three lanes of the interstate to public, as emergency workers worked tirelessly to remove debris including charred and crushed vehicles and broken glass.

The accident caused miles and miles of traffic congestion in the southbound lanes. It also affected the traffic movement in the northbound lanes as people either stopped or travelled very slowly in order to get a closer look at the remains of the crash. No charges have been filed.

Bus accident in Berkeley kills 16

A Berkeley Camp bus accident that occurred in Oakland has injured 16 people. According to investigators and accident reports, the 16 injured include 12 children and 4 adults. As reported by berkeleyside.com, the bus supposedly rear ended a Nissan van while travelling in a westerly direction on US Interstate 80 on Monday morning. The accident resulted in a chain reaction crash as other vehicles then rear ended the suddenly halted camp bus on Interstate 80 near Ashby Avenue.

Thankfully, California Highway Patrol authorities have reported that all of the injuries were minor to moderate in nature and all those that sustained the injuries are currently in stable condition and are expected to make a quick and full recuperation. That may be true but the culprit still needs to answer to a serious Oakland, CA truck accident lawyer and some of the finest ones can be picked up off the site famously know as USAttorneys.com.

Truck accident laws in California

Truck operations in California, especially Oakland has increased exponentially and with it has increased the number of truck accidents. California State saw has a special set of rules and regulations especially for trucking operators, truck safety standards and truck driver eligibility and work hours. However, it is common practice for trucking companies to overlook these laws in order to cut costs.

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