James Wu- Truck Accidents, Baltimore

If you have never been in an accident with a large truck, also known as an 18 wheeler or tractor-trailer, then you probably do not really understand how life changing the experience can be.  All drivers face the risk of automobile accidents on a daily basis, and few people on the road, whether passengers or drivers, have not been in some type of minor accident or fender bender.  For the most part, these little accidents result in property damage and maybe some minor personal injuries.  However, when one of the vehicles involve in an accident is a big truck, the scenario changes.  It is extremely unusual for a victim in those scenarios to walk away from the scene without any injuries, and serious life-changing injuries, even death, is a frequent result in truck-involved accidents.

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Do you know what else is different when one of the vehicles involved in the accident is a truck?  The legal environment.  First, truckers are subjected to laws that non-commercial drivers do not have to follow.  Some examples of these laws include restrictions on the number of hours truckers can drive in a day, restrictions on where truckers can drive during certain times and with certain materials, and even different speed limits.  Therefore, a trucker may have been negligent, or even reckless, and it might be impossible for a person with no knowledge of the law to be aware of this fact.  Moreover, because of these legal differences, truck drivers and their insurers often have extra incentives to push accident victims to settle in order to avoid allegations of reckless or criminal behavior.  For victims who are struggling to deal with traumatic physical injuries, lost wages, and the emotional changes that come with a big accident, the pressure can be overwhelming.  That is why it is so important for victims of truck accidents to seek legal representation and ensure that they are making a decision that will protect their long-term interests.

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