The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that around 380,000 accidents involving trucks occurred annually in recent years. It is clear that these larger vehicles are more prone to getting into collisions. There are a few reasons why truck drivers may lose control of their automobiles more easily than drivers of smaller vehicles. One of the main reasons is because of how large these trucks are. Their larger size makes them more difficult to maneuver and it generally requires a lot more concentration to handle these massive automobiles.

Another very common reason why truck drivers are more prone to getting into accidents is due to fatigue. Truck drivers generally work very long hours. This can tire them out and cause them to suffer many symptoms such as blurred vision and delayed reaction to anything which happens on the road. Naturally, both blurred vision and delayed reaction times are not something which are welcomed on busy highways, especially in the later hours of the night. Suffering from these symptoms can spell out disaster for the driver and all those who they are sharing the road.

FMCSA rules for truck drivers

Since fatigue has become such a big problem for truckers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued a number of rules which all truck drivers have to follow through with in order to keep their job. Truck drivers should follow these rules; otherwise, they may be penalized legally:

  • They cannot drive more than 11 cumulative hours
  • They cannot drive over 60 hours in 7 days consecutively, or 70 hours in 8 days consecutively
  • They need to take 34 consecutive hours off of work before starting another work period.
  • They cannot drive beyond the 14th hour

Who should I call for help?

Calling in a truck accident attorney is a smart move to make and it should be done as soon as the accident occurs. If a truck driver was pushed to drive beyond the hours which are mandated by the FMCSA due to their trucking company then they should definitely inform a truck accident attorney at Madalonlaw in Fort Lauderdale to help them out of their situation. In this case, even if the driver was severely fatigued then they will most likely not have to face severe penalties. Instead, their truck company, cargo company, or employer may be held to account instead.

Other drivers who were affected by a truck accident also shouldn’t hesitate to call in an attorney to help them get compensation for their pain and loss. Drivers who lost a family member or who faced injuries have the right to pursue litigation as well. There are many different injuries associated with truck accidents and they can range from being fairly small to very severe. Many cases have come forward where individuals suffered permanent damage to their body because of the carelessness of a truck driver or their employers. In order to get reimbursed for their pain, all afflicted individuals should get in touch with a truck accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale to start the legal process of seeking compensation.