Springfield, MO- A Missouri accident involving three tractor-trailers and a SUV left two people with serious injuries and tied Interstate 70 for several hours.

Fox 2 Now in St. Louis reported that the accident took place at 5:00 a.m. in the westbound lanes of I-70 when the driver of a tractor-trailer lost control, ran off the side of the roadway and overcorrected. The truck then overturned and blocked all lanes of the roadway.

Then two other tractor-trailers and a SUV crashed into the overturned truck. One of the other tractor-trailers overturned in a ditch.

“I would say this is a pretty horrific crash,” said Sergeant Al Nothum of the Missouri Highway Patrol, Fox 2 reported. Luckily, no one died nor do they expect any fatalities, Nothum said.

The driver of the first truck and the second truck that overturned both suffered serious injuries and had to be airlifted to the nearest hospital.

Police are still trying to determine what caused the first truck driver to lose control. Because of the truck accident, the westbound lanes of I-70 were closed for several hours leading to a significant traffic backup.

Fox 2 also reported this accident occurred just six miles from a Sept. 10th accident involving three tractor-trailers and several passenger cars. One person was killed and eight others were injured. In this particular accident, it was a passenger vehicle motorist who lost control and set off a chain-reaction accident which left I-70 closed for several hours,

This accident is prime example of how one driver’s actions, negligent or otherwise, can affect numerous individuals and cause serious harm. This is true of truck and car accidents, alike, and the cause is very important. Why the driver lost control is important and can prove whether he was negligent or it was truly an accident.

There could be a number of reasons why a motorists loses control, some reasons being more negligent than others. If a driver suffered a medical event such as a stroke, they may be considered less negligent than a driver who, for instance, fell asleep at the wheel or was intoxicated. One can be seen as negligence without the intent of causing harm, while the other can be seen as negligence with the intent to harm, a more serious allegation and often grounds for a larger injury  settlement amount.

These subtleties in degrees of negligence make a big difference if you are seeking compensation for truck accident. A Missouri truck accident attorney appreciates how important details like these and others are in any injury claim and know how to build a winning injury claim.

It’s normal for truck accident victims to be confused about what they need to do after their accident. They need focus on their recovery, but they also need to think about the practical things, such as how they are going to cover their medical and living expenses. They need to know they won’t lose income or be burdened with costly medical bills. A consultation with a Missouri truck accident attorney will tell your whether you have a strong injury claim so your can plan for your future.