Merrillville, IN- There are a number of things that can contribute to a major truck accident with driver error and mechanical failure being the most common. But there is another cause of catastrophic truck and car accidents that is often overlooked: inclement weather.

There are many ways inclement weather can impact the conditions of the road, according to the Federal Highway Administration. For instance precipitation, including rain, snow and sleet, can decrease driver disability, reduce pavement friction and lead to lane obstruction which in turn slow down traffic speed and increase accident risks.

Bad weather can reduce a driver’s visibility and make road conditions very dangerous. If the driver is behind the wheel of a semi-truck, tanker or logging truck, the danger of inclement weather is amplified. That is why truck drivers need to take into consideration the numerous ways inclement weather can affect their driving. The following errors are common mistakes:

  • Failing to slow down on rain-, ice- or snow-slicked roads
  • Failing to slow down in low-visibility conditions such as fog or heavy rain
  • Failing to keep a safe distance from other vehicles
  • Driving without lights on in rain, fog or snow

Training and experience can help a truck driver avoid a serious crash in inclement weather but won’t prevent all truck accidents in Indiana. Practicing safe driving habits in bad weather is of the utmost importance for any motorists, but it is especially critical when that motorist is in charge of a large and heavy commercial truck. Truck drivers should be vigilant, pay careful, attention and mind their speed in inclement weather otherwise they could find themselves facing a personal injury and wrongful death suit.

Although inclement weather is out of a truck driver’s control, they still face liability if an accident results from their negligence. Truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists can be held accountable for an accident victim’s injuries, property repair and emotional distress, regardless of the fog, snow or ice.

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