A question often asked is if attorneys are really required for an Indiana truck accident case? It is not mandatory to appoint a truck accident lawyer but you can rest assured that truck accident litigation in Indiana has the potential to become very complicated especially in cases where permanent injuries or death has resulted from the accident.

The trucking operator in question will do everything in its power to defend itself against all allegations, and anyone serious about wanting to sue them and acquire damages will surely need the services of a hardnosed and dependable South Bend, IA truck accident lawyer. If you want one of the best law firms in the county or beyond, you need to speak to Pfeifer, Morgan, & Stesiak.

Massive Machines

Truck accidents are different from car accidents because of the fact that truck drivers and trucking companies are not only subjected to the state’s trucking laws but should also adhere to federal trucking laws that have been drafted, passed and enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). Therefore, when involved in trucking related litigation, extensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding of these laws are required.

Trucking laws deal with many various aspects of trucking and are comprehensive. However, at the end of the day, the law is words on a piece of paper, and words are always open to interpretation. Commercial truck accident companies don’t want to pay their victims thousands of dollars and will hire some of the best Indiana truck accident lawyers to defend them. Therefore, even the plaintiff will require the services of a competent lawyer in order to maintain a balance and put up a strong fight in trial and even in the hallway of the courtroom and any other place their communication skills are needed.

What a Truck Accident Attorney will be able to do for You 

South Bend, IA truck accident attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the law gathered through several years of training, studying and experience. They know exactly what it takes to be able to sue a trucking company or a truck driver for negligence and secure a handsome settlement for their client.

Lawyers have learned though firsthand experience that some of the most common causes for truck accidents are factors such as driver fatigue, poor maintenance, low standards of service, improper loading and unloading practices, impaired driving, speeding, and recklessness, to name a few. South Bend, IN truck accident lawyers are well aware of these issues.


The FMSCA federal laws actually govern all of these issues and have stringent regulations for trucking companies. However, trucking operators sometimes violate these laws in an attempt to meet business requirements and not stop production.

Too much for most People

Truck accident lawyers know exactly where to look to find concrete evidence pointing to the negligence of the trucking operators. They also have the skills and resources of how to present this information in a courtroom during trial. In addition, truck accidents require extensive investigations at times, which are best left to an Indiana truck accident lawyer if you want to put up a strong case.

Your attorney will scrutinize journey log books, testimonies, prior accidents for which the company may have been liable, and service and repair records, to build as much evidence as possible. While there is no absolute must for a plaintiff to hire a truck accident legal pro, it is still undoubtedly a very wise decision to take. Call Pfeifer, Morgan, & Stesiak if you face a legal juggernaut and are feeling overwhelmed or if you have been a victim of a trucking company or their driver. You can find them right here: http://pilawyers.com/.