Las Vegas, NV- Large commercial trucks can be dangerous to other motorists in a number of ways. While the majority of Nevada traffic collisions are caused by driver error, there are occasions when a life-shattering truck crash has different cause. The next logical cause to look for would be mechanical failure, but truck accidents can also result from an overweight or improperly loaded semis and tractor-trailers.

A number aspects in the way a large commercial truck operates can be affected if it exceeds the maximum weight limit or if its cargo is not loaded correctly or properly secured.

All commercial trucks are designed to carry a maximum amount of weight called the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This rating is determined by the truck’s frame, suspension, brakes and the number of axels. In the interest of safety and to excessive wear to the nation’s roads, federal and Nevada state regulations limit the weight each classification of commercial trucks can carry, but some operators shrug of these regulations in the interest of expediency thereby unnecessarily putting other motorists in danger.

Being over the recommended weight can affect numerous aspect of a truck’s operation and can put a strain in mechanical systems, like brakes, that are critical to the safe operation. A too heavy truck can be difficult to maneuver, especially when road conditions or the weather worsens. If an overweight truck is traveling at a high rate of speed it will be harder to stop and can cause a great deal of destruction. Too much weight can also put undue pressure on tires and the driver risks a tire blowout.

When the cargo on a truck is not loaded correctly or is not secure, a driver may have difficulties controlling their vehicle if traffic slows or comes to a stop. A rollover crash is possible or a driver can lose control or their rig while making an abrupt turn or lane change if the weight of their cargo is not evenly distributed over the truck’s axels.

Despite the fact that an overweight truck is a major safety hazard, many trucks are cited and sent on their way. These trucks may stop at weigh stations but they are rarely taken off the road, so trucking companies face minimal repercussions if they overload their vehicles.

If you have been in a crash involving an overweight or improperly loaded commercial truck, it is in your best interest to speak with a truck accident attorney near your Nevada location. They can help you determine who must take responsibility for your injuries or the death of your loved one and secure the full amount of compensation you deserve.

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