Important things to know about time limits and truck accident cases in Nashville

Nashville, TN – After any accident involving semi trucks or commercial vehicles, drivers should report it to their insurance company and seek legal advice as soon as realistically possible. This is crucial because waiting too long can result in the victims not being able to receive any compensation for things like medical treatment and property repairs. There are also differences in the statute of limitations under Tennessee law based on the type of damages that the victim is seeking.

After any collision involving a commercial vehicle, Nashville accident lawyers are available to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit and other related concerns. 

The statute of limitations

Every state has various laws that limit the amount of time after an accident that a person can bring a lawsuit. If there is an attempt to file a case after the statute of limitations has passed, the lawsuit will be dismissed. The statute of limitations that applies to drivers in Nashville and other parts of the state is for one year for injuries associated with any motor vehicle crash. If there are property damage claims, these can be made up to three years after the accident has happened. If there are fatalities, the family members only have one year to bring the wrongful death lawsuit on the victim’s behalf. 

How long will the lawsuit take to resolve?

Accidents involving commercial vehicles or semi trucks tend to be more complex than standard motor vehicle accident cases. This means that investigations can take longer, there is more information to exchange between the trucking business and the plaintiff’s attorneys, and settlement negotiations may take some time based on the information that is available. As a general rule, most accident lawsuits can take between six months to a few years from the time of filing to resolution through a settlement or trial. 

There is an important exception in the statute of limitations

Various states, including Tennessee, have certain exceptions for accident lawsuits where it would be unfair to apply the statute of limitations in a standard manner. Nashville truck accident lawyers may be able to make certain claims at a later time based on the discovery rule. This means that courts will allow the one year time limit for injury claims to only start from the time injuries were actually discovered or should have reasonably been discovered. This extra time can be crucial in situations where a victim’s symptoms or treatment are delayed due to the specific nature of their medical problems. 

Advice after a truck crash in Nashville

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