Tow TruckGreenwood, SC- Each year in the U.S. there 500,000 accidents involving semis and other large commercial trucks each year in the U.S., according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Sometimes these accidents are minor, but often truck accidents are catastrophic, resulting in life-changing injuries for the victims. If that’s not bad enough, truck accident victims face many hurdles when they try to recoup the compensation they deserve. That is why truck accident victims need to understand the important having a truck accident lawyer in South Carolina is to you claim.

If you are planning on filing a truck accident claim one of main ways to ensure you obtain compensation you truly deserve is to have an attorney thoroughly investigate your claims. There are so many evidentiary sources in regards to truck accidents that victims would be doing themselves a disservice by  Many truck accident victims don’t realize how important it is to have someone other than police to investigate the cause a tractor-trailer collision.

Law enforcement will conduct their own investigation, but their goal is to assign fault, issue a citation (or citations) and move on to other business. They don’t have the time or reason to conduct as thorough investigation as needed for your injury claim. That is why you need someone on your side who can investigate all aspects of your truck accident, including include the driver’s safety record, the safety record of the truck owner or trucking company and prior police records. The involved truck’s inspection and repair history should also be examined.

Other evidentiary sources include a driver’s log book, a truck’s black box, speed governors and other electronic devices in a truck.  An accident attorney knows how to evaluate the information these resources and pinpoint the cause of your accident and identify the party or parties who must take responsibility. By holding all parties which can include a truck driver, a truck company or manufacturer accountable, you can secure a better settlement.

If your lawyer finds any damaging information during the course of their investigation, that information can be used to bolster your personal injury claim or wrongful death claim and could result in a better settlement. If delay retaining an attorney you important evidence could be lost and your settlement could be less than you deserve.

At USAttorneys, we understand that in the aftermath of your truck accident, you may not be thinking about an injury claim, but time is of the essence, and you could harm your case by not speaking with a truck accident lawyer in South Carolina first. If you contact an attorney early, you give them the time they need to conduct a thorough investigation. We urge to get legal counsel as soon after your accident as possible. Let us connect you with a Greenwood accident lawyer today so you can put your mind at rest and focus on recovery.