Important differences between a commercial driver and a standard driver in Donaldsonville

Donaldsonville, LA – Most times, there is a mix of people operating commercial vehicles on the roads for various business purposes as well as people in standard cars going to various destinations. If there is an accident, there can be some differences that apply to things such as civil lawsuits and insurance on the vehicles depending on whether standard drivers or commercial vehicles were involved. Incidents that involve commercial vehicles are common enough that some lawyers focus their practice on helping those who were harmed during a collision with a commercial driver

Licensing requirements

Operators of large commercial vehicles such as semi trucks, buses, tankers, and other similar vehicles will need a commercial driver’s license. This means that in addition to their standard driver’s license, they will need to pass a road test and knowledge assessment related to the specific type of vehicle that they will use. Penalties for operating a commercial vehicle without this type of license are severe.

Employer liability

When a commercial driver is working for a company rather than on their own, the employer will most likely have to pay out any damages to the victims if there is an accident. Companies that operate semi trucks and other fleets of large vehicles will have special types of insurance for this reason. However, it is also possible in some cases that the driver is working as an independent contractor and they have their own insurance. The victim’s lawyer will need to do some research to determine who the appropriate party is to name in a lawsuit.

Commercial vehicle regulations 

Drivers of commercial vehicles need to be aware of several different regulations. This includes mandatory break and rest periods, weight and dimension limits on their vehicle, rules for handling hazardous materials, and other important regulations that are meant to help keep drivers and others on the roads safe. There are various things that can be done by law enforcement such as checking a vehicle into a weigh station or checking the driver’s log book to ensure that these rules are being followed. If there is an accident, evidence that these rules were not followed can be used by the plaintiff to show negligence by the driver. 

Accident lawyers are available in Louisiana

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