If you are involved in a commercial truck accident, you can bet your bottom dollar that the trucking company will have hired a truck accident attorney to fight on their side or already has one in house. Under the circumstances, it is crucial for you to remain a step ahead of the company no matter its size, by hiring a dedicated and astute Miami, FL truck accident lawyer who specializes in truck accidents to help you in this legal case you are now a part of.

What happens after a trucking accident?

As soon as a trucking accident happens, the insurance company that represents the trucking company is sure to begin an investigation in their own right. The main aim of this process is to minimize the recovery amount to be paid to the injured (you). Therefore, it is necessary to avoid any communication with them to protect your best interests.

How do you do this? How can you compete against a heavyweight? The Internet has made the world flatter and helped even the score. Using this website, you can find a suitable lawyer who can help you weave through the legal terrain.

You want to refer the company to your own Miami truck accident attorney. A lawyer who represents your interests can perform an independent investigation to find out the cause of your accident and who is at fault. It is only to be expected that both sides will review all the accident reports, perform their witness interviews on their own, and analyze your own medical records as well as consult the experts in the field.

Who is liable for the trucking accident?

Of special importance to your legal representative is to find out who ought to be named in your accident claim. To receive adequate compensation it is crucial to establish who was liable for your accident. The trucking company and the driver concerned are obviously the first choice to file claims against.

You might also make a claim against the owner of the truck if it is leased. If the accident is caused by any mechanical error in the truck, the truck owner is evidently at fault. And the company that loads the freight into the truck is liable if a there is a shift in weight that caused the driver to lose his control of the truck.

Apart from determining the fault, your Florida truck accident lawyer should be well versed in the intricacies of the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, concerning commercial vehicles as also their drivers. Thorough knowledge of these regulations will enable him/her to help determine who is really liable.

Your Attorney vs. The Insurance Company

Truck accidents results in severe injuries, needing extended hospitalization as well as follow-up treatments. To make certain that you can receive adequate compensation involves a considerable amount of work. The insurance company that represents the defendants will do all that they can, and try every possible means to pay you very little in costs.

However, your Miami, FL truck accident lawyer will use the right strategies to argue with the insurance company in order to get the maximum compensation for you.

If you are involved in a trucking accident, waste no time in contacting a competent and focused lawyer. This can make the difference between receiving the maximum compensation you deserve or little or no compensation at all. No matter what, the bill collectors will want to get paid and so will the hospital. Do not forget about any lost work and the damage to your vehicle as well.

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