Wichita, KS- Impaired driving, whether its drugs or alcohol, accounts for a third of all fatal traffic accidents in the U.S. and 27.9 percent of fatal accidents in Kansas, according to the Kansas Department of Transportation. The overwhelming majority of drunken driving accidents are caused by drivers of passenger vehicles, but that doesn’t mean truck drivers don’t engage in this very risky and highly deadly.

As we said the above, impaired driving is very rare among truck drivers. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that in 2007–the last year for which data is available—less than one percent of truck drivers who caused a fatal or injurious accident were impaired. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen and when an impaired driving accident involves a tractor-trailer, the results can be catastrophic. Passenger vehicle motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians are at an obvious disadvantage when an 80,000 vehicle is involved.

No motorists should drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, but if they do, their victims may have a justifiable reason to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death suit. If you have been injured by an impaired truck driver and you live in the Wichita area, USAttorneys recommends you contact the experienced attorneys at Warner Law Offices.

Under the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act, passed in the 80s, the legal limit for truck drivers is .04. Truck drivers caught driving under the influence can lose their commercial driver’s license for one to two years.  They also face civil liability if their actions lead to a serious or deadly collision.

Alcohol is not the only intoxicant to worry about, some truckers also use drugs. Stimulants such as cocaine or methamphetamines can help a driver with long hauls. Marijuana is also commonly used. While the type of intoxicant does matter, what matters more is that an impaired driving accident can leave be devastating to all the parties involved since a truck accident is twice as deadly as a car collision.

A drunken driving accident, especially one involving a large commercial truck, can cause life-changing injuries that leave the victims saddled with medical bills and other accident-related costs. Many truck accident victims don’t realize how much their accident is going to cost them financially and emotionally. They need someone fighting for their rights who understands the true value their injuries and are willing to take on a negligent truck driver and/or trucking company. When impaired driving is the cause of an truck or car accident in Kansas, the victims may be entitled to punitive damages on top of the compensation they receive.

After a truck accident, whether it was caused by impaired driving or mechanical failure, the victims need to speak with the truck accident attorneys at the Warner Law Office in Wichita immediately. They will listen to the details of your accident and determine what kind of compensation and how much you and your loved ones are entitled to for your suffering. Contact their office through our website or by calling 1-866-584-1032 and set up a consultation so you can get some piece of mind and won’t harm your injury claim.