Overturned LorryAurora, IL- The causes of major truck accidents are numerous and run the gamut from driver error to mechanical problems. Sometimes a truck driver is at fault, but there are many occasions when a trucking company is directly or indirectly responsible for a catastrophic truck crash either by refusing to comply with federal safety regulations, maintain their trucks or failing to keep less than stellar drivers off the road.

On Monday, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced in a press release that they shut down an Illinois trucking company for numerous violations of federal trucking regulations.

In the release, the agency said Illinois-based Rhino Displays formally notified the agency in 2010, informing them that their company would stop transporting fireworks. But in May of this year, the FMCSA investigated one of their vehicles and discovered that Rhino Displays transported a  load of fireworks to Missouri without having the appropriate Hazardous Materials Safety Permit. The company, although  transporting fireworks,  did not have a fire extinguisher on hand as required by law.

In addition to transporting goods the company was no longer authorized to, the FMCSA found that some of the goods were opened and not properly secured. Additionally, the driver did not have a commercial driver’s license, valid medical endorsement and had a container of alcohol in the vehicle, according the FMCSA report. The agency did say if the alcohol was opened or had been consumed.

In their release, the company ordered Rhino Displays to close immediately and said, “These widespread violations substantially increased the likelihood of serious injury or death to Rhino Display’s drivers and the public.”

Trucking companies and drivers may look at federal regulations as troublesome inconveniences, but those regulations exist the ensure truck drivers and the motorists they share the road with are safe from harm. It is true that commercial trucks are more heavily regulated and scrutinized than passenger vehicles, but that is due to scale of damage these vehicles cause when involved in an accident. And, yes, complying with federal regulations may be costly, but those costs could pale in comparison to the financial liability of a disastrous truck accident.

Federal regulations are not overbearing if you understand first-hand the devastation caused by a large commercial truck. Our team of truck accident attorneys in Illinois know how much truck accidents suffer and will be fierce defenders of their rights. Their aim is to obtain a generous settlement, so that their clients don’t have to pay out of their own pockets for a truck driver or trucking company’s negligence.

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