Lake County, IL- An Illinois truck driver pleaded not guilty to multiple charges related to the late July truck accident which left five people dead.

On Monday, July 21st, police say the truck driver, Francisco Espinal-Quiroz, was speeding in the northbound lanes of when he came across a work zone. He needed to get over to avoid the work zone, but didn’t give himself enough time or room and as he changed lanes, he slammed into another tractor trailer and several passenger vehicles.

The collision killed four people and several other victims had to be extricated from their vehicles.

In an August 12th court appearance, Espinal-Quiroz, pleaded not guilty to charges of falsifying his log books and failing to maintain proper records. Vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide charges against him are pending and he is being held on a $1 million bond, according to NBC Chicago.

Truck accidents are significantly different than car or auto accidents since more than one party may have to take responsibility for serious truck accident. In some cases, a truck accident may be solely caused by a truck driver negligence and they alone must take responsibility. Sometimes truck accident is the result of a truck company’s failure to maintain their trucks. But more often than not, a truck accident is caused by negligence of multiple parties.

When you have been injured in a truck accident, it is in your best interest to get in touch with an Illinois truck accident attorney immediately. Your legal counsel will help you determine which party or parties must take responsibility for your injuries or loss of a loved one.

Truck accident victims often don’t who to be accountable for their accident. Victims don’t know who is responsible for their medical costs or other accident-related expenses. Injury victims are often unaware of how much they are going to need for their present and future medical expenses. Minor or serious injuries can entail many unanticipated medical costs. A full recovery, if it’s possible, will be exorbitant and no truck accident victims should have to cover those costs out of their pockets. Without legal counsel, you risk being shortchanged in the settlement you receive.

In the after math of a truck accident, a victim should avoid speaking to anyone about their injuries until they have consulted with a truck accident attorney. As soon as you enlist their services, your legal counsel will begin building your case by collecting important evidence, examining driver’s logs and driving history and investigating the trucking company’s safety record.

In the aftermath of an injurious or deadly truck accident, the responsible parties will do whatever it takes to limit their liability. It’s the nature of business, if you want the confidence that you will be fairly compensated for your pain and suffering, you must enlist the services of Lake County truck accident attorney to advocate for your rights and  assure you are receive a fair settlement.