Investigators have concluded that a fatal accident was caused because of a South Lyon woman who performed an illegal turn while driving along on US Highway 23. The accident caused the death of a motorcycle rider, as reported by The drivers of two vehicles ahead of Loomis’ motorcycle avoided the crash. However, Loomis could not stop and had laid down the motorcycle prior to it being struck by a 2007 Sterling tanker truck.

The woman who has been deemed negligent was driving a maroon Pontiac Grand. She has been identified as a 22 year old female from South Lyon and she will certainly need a sensational Toledo, Ohio truck accident lawyer soon who can be reached right here. The woman was also subjected to a thorough interrogation but the authorities haven’t yet released information about what exactly transpired in the questioning.

The decedent has been identified as Delbert Arthur Loomis from Gaines. The South Lyon woman was only positively identified and apprehended thanks to the eye witness account provided by a 52 year old man from Toledo, Ohio who was travelling on US Highway 23 and witnessed the catastrophe first hand. The eye witness saw that the Maroon Pontiac made a rather sudden and erratic turn and was quick to note down its registration details.

However, it is not yet known whether prosecutors will file charges against the 22 year old woman from South Lyon, according to experts of the state. Even if charges are filed, prosecutors know that there was no intent or impaired driving involved in the accident and will only be able to file charges such as traffic misdemeanor manslaughter which can carry only a maximum prison sentence of one year.

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Toledo woman hurt by pickup truck

A Toledo woman has become injured by a pickup truck accident which occurred at a west Toledo intersection earlier this week, according to The victim has been identified as 50 year old Kathryn Clemens. She was rushed to ProMedica Toledo Hospital with injuries on an unknown nature immediately following the accident. No charges have been filed against the driver of the pickup truck yet.

No recognition

The pickup driver has been identified as 38 year old Douglas Gust. According to reports, Mr. Gust had stopped his pickup truck and was looking the other way for oncoming traffic from the west when he struck Clemens. He turned his car to the right when he was looking to the left, he swiveled his head to look in front of his car but it was too late since Clemens walked right into it. She obviously did not eyeball the driver before she stepped right in front of his car. Toledo, Ohio truck accident attorneys know that you should attract the driver’s attention before walking in front of their car.

Gust will pay financially and Clemons has paid physically.

Truck accident legislation in Ohio

Truck accidents are on the rise not only in Ohio but throughout America. These accidents are notorious for being fatal simply because of the large dimension and sheer weight of these gigantic trucks. Adding to the risks, are negligent truck drivers and trucking companies themselves who regularly take shortcuts to make work easier for themselves.

Often times, trucking companies overwork their drivers, and fail to schedule regular maintenance checks of the trucks. In addition, some truck drivers are known for being addicted to pharmaceutical drugs and other illegal stimulants.

Trucking is governed by a set of extensive laws in Ohio, and Toledo truck accident attorneys are well versed in these laws in order to prove the negligence of such reckless companies and drivers. This is why it is pivotal that anyone seeking to be compensated for damages caused by a truck accident consult and appoint a qualified and experienced Ohio truck accident lawyer.