Unfortunately, falling asleep while behind the wheel is a fairly common occurrence and happens quite often on the road. If the driver is lucky they are able to catch themselves when they are drowsy and pull up to safety before they jeopardize their safety and the safety of their fellow drivers. However, when a truck a driver falls asleep behind the wheel the consequences are generally a lot worse.

A truck is a very large vehicle and it requires a lot more skill and expertise for a trucker to be able to maneuver it around properly. It is difficult to drive a truck when a person is completely alert; controlling a truck while being drowsy is completely out of the question. If a person gets into an accident with a truck driver who had actually fallen asleep at the wheel, they should get in touch with a truck accident attorney in Palm Beach County, Florida as soon as they possibly can.

Though it may seem like blaming the truck driver is the obvious course of action, all the liability may not be completely on the driver. There is always the chance that the trucker was pressurized by their company to drive past their allotted hours or to deliver on time despite the costs. If this is the case, the trucking company can be held partially liable for the accident alongside the truck driver.

Falling asleep at the wheel is so dangerous because it can cause the driver to run a red light, fail to turn in when it is necessary, and also cause the driver to miss important signals being given to them by other drivers. The situation on the road is constantly changing and drivers need to be alert at all times in order to ensure they do not end up getting into an otherwise preventable accident.

What can I do to prevent falling asleep at the wheel?

Sometimes, a trucker could have taken all the precautions to not feel drowsy but hitting the road and driving endlessly simply acts as a trigger for making them feel sleepy despite their circumstances. If this is the case, they should make sure to pull up to safe parking areas and get some shut-eye every few hours or when they feel like they are beginning to get drowsy.

Truckers should also make sure that they avoid those behaviors which make them get sleepy faster. This may include eating less before driving, getting a full night to rest the day before work or refraining from listening to songs or audiobooks which will make them feel the need to go to sleep.

If a driver has health issues which cause them to fall asleep faster or if they take medications which lead to drowsiness they need to figure out a way to manage their driving schedule so that they get enough rest in the day to help them stay alert while they are on the job.