A truck driver is 6.7 times more likely to get into an accident when reaching for a phone.

Truck accident lawyer serving Idaho discusses big rigs and distracted driving

Boise, ID- Commandeering a vehicle takes focus and attention, especially if a person is in charge of an 80,000-pound commercial truck. Regrettably, too many drivers in car and trucks allow their minds and eyes to wander away from the road. Distracted driving is common among all age groups and levels of driving experience. In this article, USAttorneys will share some facts about distracted driving and discuss the hazards it poses for truck drivers.

Prevalence of distracted driving

In the U.S., nearly a third of fatal crashes are caused by distracted driving, per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Distraction.gov reports that in 2014, distracted drivers contributed to 3,179 deadly crashes and 431,000 traffic collisions.

During daytime hours, approximately 660,000 motorists in the U.S. are using a cell phone while driving, according to Distaction.gov.

It takes an average of five seconds to read a text message. In that time a vehicle traveling 55 mph can travel 160 feet.

Behind the wheel, distractions fall into three main categories: cognitive, manual, and visual.

Types of distracted driving

Behind-the-wheel distractions can be visual, manual or cognitive. Each category affects a truck driver’s ability to navigate a roadway safely. We’ll give a brief description of each category here:

Visual distractions include sending a text, staring at a billboard or changing a radio station. Just taking eyes off the road for a few seconds can lead to a deadly crash because of how quickly conditions on the road can change.

Manual distractions such as reaching for a cup of coffee, eating or adjusting the heater or AC require a driver take their hands off the wheel. It’s easy for a driver to drift or lose control and overcorrect if their hands are engaged in a task other than driving.

Cognitive distractions are common for motorists of all walks of life and include daydreaming, fatigue or talking on the phone. Even if a driver has their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel, a cognitive distraction can cause a truck driver to miss traffic cues and signals.

What are the dangers of distracted driving for truck drivers?

Distracted drivers cause almost one-third of fatal crashes in the U.S. and contribute to tens of thousands of injury accidents.

While distracted driving is extremely dangerous in any vehicle, it is even more dangerous in a commercial truck. Below we will discuss some statistics about distracted driving truck accidents from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration:

A truck driver is 6.7 times more likely to set off a collision when reaching for a phone

A truck driver is 5.9 times more likely to crash dialing a cell phone

And, the truck driver is 8.9 times more likely to cause a truck wreck while using a dispatch device.

Victims of distracted truck drivers should speak with a truck accident lawyer in Idaho to discuss their cases and explore the routes they can take to recover compensation for their injuries or loss of a loved one. USAttorneys can connect you with a skilled lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. Call and set up a consultation with one of our accomplished legal team.