39-year old Scott Brewer is under custody after he ploughed his rig into multiple cars on Interstate 75 which led to the death of six people and left several others injured, as reported by timesfreepress.com.

Scott Brewer ruined the lives of many people

Chattanooga Police have uncovered shocking details about Brewer after running searches on him for previous run-ins with the law. It transpired that Brewer had been given a ticket for careless driving only a day before the deadly crash which caused multiple fatalities. Furthermore, it was also revealed that Brewer was a wanted man in Wisconsin after he was arrested for possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription.

Arresting officers had reported their suspicions that Brewer may have not only been in possession of these drugs but was also intent on selling/distributing them. After being arrested, Brewer paid a $250 bail amount and then never showed up to his court date and was declared missing ever since.

Truck driver involved in fatal crash that killed six might have been selling drugs

Brewer was apprehended when a suspicious pharmacist called the cops on him. Supposedly, he attempted to fill in a prescription for almost a month long supply of oxycodone. When officers interrogated him, Brewer told them that he was involved in a trucking accident and was prescribed the drugs for back pain by a doctor in Murfreesboro, Tennessee but the doctor shut down his practice and so he had to approach another doctor in Florida to get the prescription.

Upon further investigation, law enforcement officers also discovered that Brewer’s cell phone text conversations were almost transparently suggestive of his involvement with the selling of these prescription medications to users and addicts that did not have prescriptions.

Investigators have collected blood samples from Brewer which will be subjected to drug and alcohol screening. Test results are currently being awaited. His truck accident attorney refrained from commenting on pending litigation.

Truck accident legislation – Wisconsin

According to Jackson WI truck accident attorneys, truck accidents in the state are governed by an exclusive set of laws which are separate from those that apply to regular auto-accidents. An accident is considered a truck-accident if one of the vehicles involved were heavier than 10,000 lbs.

Trucks are notorious for causing fatal and deadly accidents. This can be attributed to the fact that these trucks are large and difficult to maneuver and their weight is amplified by the weight of the heavy payloads that they usually carry which greatly hinders their ability to brake and stop immediately.

Furthermore, it is common for trucking companies (as clear from statistics) to omit certain mandatory safety regulations and guidelines to cut costs. But of course some of these regulations are irrational and redundant. Trucking companies are responsible for the maintenance of the trucks, they also need to ensure that the truck drivers they hire are properly qualified. It is their duty to ensure these driver do not work overtime as stipulated by law and these companies are required to maintain logs of the journeys that these trucks undertake.

An experienced Jackson WI truck accident attorney who can be found on the glistening website USAttorneys.com will prove invaluable in being able to help you procure damages if you were involved in a truck accident and were not at fault. Your attorney will be able to scrutinize all of the details and prove that either the trucking company or the truck driver was negligible and hence accountable for the accident.